Video Conferencing Cameras

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The Shure STEM Ecosystem provides professional-level audio for your conference room video calls. In this video, Robert Rives dissects the system and explains how to customize it to meet your needs. 0:00 - Introduction 1:25 - Shure Stem Table Conference Table Speakerphone Array 2:03 - Shure Stem Wall Conference Wall Mount Speakerphone Array 2:32 - Shure Stem Ceiling Conference Room Ceiling Microphone 3:25 - Shure Stem Speaker Conference Room Meeting Speaker 4:05 - Shure Hub Express
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In this B&H video, we examine the AVer VB130, an easy-to-use 4K conference videobar that allows for high-quality video conferencing. Whether you're in the conference room or the classroom, the built-in 6W speaker, five-microphone array, built-in light, as well as other features, will elevate your video calls! Use the Comments section below to tell us which features of the AVer VB130 stand out for you.
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When you need to communicate clearly with remote participants, turn to AVer for a range of easy-to-use, high-quality videoconferencing and educational interfaces. AVer produces an array of conference cameras, PTZ tracking cameras, pro video displays, and wireless document cameras that enable you to keep in touch at safe distances and boost productivity by sharing your visual content easily. Compact USB Type-C Solution With a portable form, sharp 4K video resolution, and built-in
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If you’ve been bogged down by making equipment choices for your video conferencing setup—which microphone, which speaker, how to connect to the computer or network—Kandao heard your plea and has introduced the Meeting Pro, an all-in-one conferencing 360° camera/speaker/microphone system that fits right into your conference setting with a tiny, portable form factor and minimal configuration. The plug-and-play system can work with your existing
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When your corporate meetings and classes can't get together in the same room, looking for a complete solution to make video conferencing easy becomes a necessity. One of the most versatile camera types for video conferences is the PTZ conference camera, so let’s look at some solutions for your meetings, classes, and events. Logitech Rally
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VDO360’s new 2SEE USB HD Video Conference Camera packs everything you need for a multi-participant conference into an affordable, easy-to-use all-in-one design. It features a low-light-friendly 1080p30 camera with a 4-mic array and has an integrated USB cable. To launch your conference, just plug the cable into your Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer and select the camera when it appears in your conferencing platform.
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Don’t let the fact that these conference systems resemble an owl fool you—they have nothing in common with owls, except that they each see in panoramic 360°, and listen in 360°, as well. The Meeting OWL, and Meeting OWL Pro both use sound to aid in focusing the camera and audio on those directly involved in the