Video Conferencing

by Mary Latvis ·Posted 01/14/2022
When you need to communicate clearly with remote participants, turn to AVer for a range of easy-to-use, high-quality videoconferencing and educational interfaces. AVer produces an array of conference cameras, PTZ tracking cameras, pro video displays, and wireless document cameras that enable you to keep in touch at safe distances and boost productivity by sharing your visual content easily. Compact USB Type-C Solution With a portable form, sharp 4K video resolution, and built-in
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 12/15/2020
If you’ve been bogged down by making equipment choices for your video conferencing setup—which microphone, which speaker, how to connect to the computer or network—Kandao heard your plea and has introduced the Meeting Pro, an all-in-one conferencing 360° camera/speaker/microphone system that fits right into your conference setting with a tiny, portable form factor and minimal configuration. The plug-and-play system can work with your existing
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 07/03/2020
When your corporate meetings and classes can't get together in the same room, looking for a complete solution to make video conferencing easy becomes a necessity. One of the most versatile camera types for video conferences is the PTZ conference camera, so let’s look at some solutions for your meetings, classes, and events. Logitech
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 04/13/2018
Yamaha and Revolabs recently teamed up in perpetuity, and together, they’ve produced CS-700 Video Conferencing System. This all-in-one collaboration tool has been built to give your conference room the best possible performance when it comes to video, audio, and even screen-sharing. In one wall-mounted solution, the CS-700 addresses all communication and collaboration needs found in the common conference room, accomplishing
by David Adler ·Posted 09/14/2017
To some, VisLink’s HEROCast product might be a bit confusing. At its heart, it’s a wireless transmission system and interface between a GoPro HERO camera and professional broadcast equipment. Some might still ask about consumer devices that perform similar tasks for a lesser cost, so let’s delve into what makes the HEROCast special, and how it is designed to be implemented. The qualities that separate consumer and professional solutions in video equipment are usually obvious. Professionals require the utmost in quality and reliability. In most
by Tim Chan and Stephen Janiszak ·Posted 03/14/2018
With companies stretching across the world, sending emails or juggling conference calls isn’t always the most effective way for a large group of people, spread out at different locations, to work together toward a common goal. You could always send team members across the globe for face-to-face meetings; however, this level of communication can be expensive and time consuming. To optimize cohesion while keeping costs under control, you can designate a room as a video-conferencing space by outfitting it with an HD Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera, an audio
5,914 Views ·Posted 09/08/2015
In the following video, John McQuiston, from KelbyOne Media, showcases the VDO360 VPTZH-03 Beacon Camera and how it can take your video conferences beyond the conference room. He discusses the camera’s main features, which include 30 fps video streams at SD, 720p, and 1080p resolutions, and PTZ functionality that offers 300 degrees of pan, 180 degrees of tilt, and 10x optical zoom. McQuiston also highlights the camera’s mounting options,