USB Interface

by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted
Black Lion Audio—a company famous for modding professional gear—is making inroads from the pro studio to your home studio, with the Revolution 2x2, a desktop USB audio interface that brings the company’s famous pro-level sonics to bedroom recording setups. With the Revolution, you can track guitars, vocals, keys, or anything else in your home studio, all with the pristine sound quality and sonic mojo that BLA is known for the world
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted
Whether you record demo tracks on the road, produce podcasts at home, or collaborate with other artists in random locations, having a travel-friendly audio interface is key to staying versatile in your work. An ideal interface would be small enough to fit in a backpack, laptop bag, or satchel while supporting multiple types of I/O and USB powering. Seriously, the last thing you need is to have your ideas vanish whilst frantically searching for a free AC power outlet. Thankfully, your options are plentiful in number, and I’d like to bring your
by Greg Johnson ·Posted
It's time for musicians and songwriters to get creative. Sound Devices just released the MixPre-10M multitrack recorder, mixer, and USB interface with overdub functionality. It combines the ease of dedicated hardware recording with the essence of computer-based music production software into an all-in-one recorder and USB audio interface. This is great for song creation or live performances. Musicians and songwriters now have