Underwater Photography

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So you just finished watching a great white shark feeding video and thought, “Wouldn’t it be awesome to be in the water with a camera to film this feast?” I'm right there with you, which is why today we’ll be diving into the world of underwater video creation, from the gear you’d need, to tips for getting the perfect action shot. Before we get into it, I’d like to leave a little disclaimer: while venturing out into the vast and expansive deep blue is a riveting adventure, please practice caution and, if you’re not experienced in underwater
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Water is essential to life on Earth. The health of our oceans—and its inhabitants—is equally crucial to maintaining Earth’s delicate balance. This is an apt takeaway from our exclusive chat with renowned underwater photographer and filmmaker Brian Skerry, as part of our coverage of B&H’s 50th Anniversary Bild Expo 2023. We sat down with Skerry shortly before his presentation on the Bild Expo Main Stage to get the full scoop on his career arc, from a youthful fantasy of being an ocean
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Godox just announced two new lighting solutions for photographers who wish to push the boundaries of their creativity on land or under the sea. The WT series offers an array of dive tube lights in various lengths, allowing photographers to enjoy the flexibility of a tube light at up to 40m underwater. Available in daylight and
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Dive into the adventures of aquatic image maker Zak Noyle. In this B&H Event Space video, he recounts his experiences above and underwater, capturing images of surfers, sharks, swimmers, and other subjects. 0:00 - Introduction 1:08 - Behind the Scenes 6:28 - Gear 10:40 - More Photo & Video Stories 16:19 - Working with Clients Sponsored
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Even if you are not currently on your beach vacation, let’s take a little trip to Hawaii’s shores for today’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast. Joining us is photographer Zak Noyle, who was born and raised in Hawaii and began publishing his surf photography while still in high school. Noyle has photographed the sport’s top surfers and events, has been published in Sports Illustrated and National Geographic, and has traveled the world
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Larry Cohen and Olga Torrey teach you how to take your photography underwater. This in-depth introduction goes over camera options, underwater housing, lighting, camera settings, and more. Larry and Olga also discuss other types of photography, such as wildlife and macro photography.
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When I’m out and about with my camera, I always keep an eye out for reflective surfaces. Puddles, polished stone, windows, and other glass surfaces offer creative possibilities when trying to capture intriguing photographs of everyday subjects and scenarios. Photographs © Allan Weitz 2019 Depending on camera position, reflections can add greatly to the visual dynamics of a photograph. By positioning your camera flush or close to the reflective surface, you can create a mirror image of your subject. Alternatively, by shooting from a higher
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The Outex waterproof camera housing is lightweight, durable, and versatile allowing you to control your camera while protecting it from the elements. Outex founder JR deSouza explains the technology behind this equipment, and photographer and filmmaker Ben Lowy tests out this underwater camera housing.
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Drones are some of the hottest small craft available today, but did you know that some are designed for underwater use? One of the latest and best is the CHASING GLADIUS MINI Underwater ROV, but let’s start with some quick background information. Many people credit the first civilian Remote Control Vehicle (ROV) to Dimitri Rebikoff, from France. In 1953, he created the first fully developed tethered ROV, the “Poodle.” He
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To succeed as an underwater photographer, one needs to cultivate a subtle balance of preparedness and patience. For more than two decades, underwater conservation photographer Keith Ellenbogen has done just that, to offer us rare glimpses of the elusive marine life he photographs within the short window of his air supply. In the following interview, Ellenbogen sheds light on how his early training in diving, photography, and the marine environment have contributed to his success, while also discussing his camera and lighting gear, and offering
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I’m a big fan of waterproof and crushproof “tough” cameras, not because I do much underwater photography, but because I break things. It’s not that I’m careless, I’m just hard on my gear and I expect that a good piece of camera equipment should be able to withstand the bumps and bruises that an active photographer gives it. The TG line of tough cameras from Olympus has always delivered durability but the latest model, the 12MP
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Steve Miller from Ikelite discusses the changes in light and shape that take place when we submerge our cameras, and how these are accommodated with lenses, ports, and lighting. This will be helpful for beginning photographers in particular. From there he will discuss the shortcuts, secrets, and tricks commonly used by underwater photographers to mitigate these changes in the limited time divers have underwater.  
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Papua New Guinea is a culturally diverse country that also has diverse marine life that boggles the imagination. Visiting Papua New Guinea from the USA is a challenge, but worth the effort. Join Larry Cohen and Olga Torrey as they explore the Kimbe Bay and Tufi areas of PNG after traveling for 25 hours in the air, on three different airlines. They show images of breathtaking reefs, large and tiny creatures that seem to be from another planet. Cohen and Torrey also discuss the culture of the area’s fascinating villages. To read more about their
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For photographers who specialize in shooting in the underwater environment, traveling to the Coral Triangle was the adventure of a lifetime. Named for the approximate shape of the area it covers, the Coral Triangle includes the marine waters of Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Solomon Islands, and Timor-Leste. It contains the highest level of marine biodiversity in the world, including a multitude of coral species and reef fishes.
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Winter Adventure Week is ending as a polar vortex has been overtaking New York City, meaning we are all ready to head indoors for a nice hot chocolate. While you are there, you should peruse the adventures we had and articles we produced this week, and maybe they will give you some ideas for the second half of winter. You can also just imagine doing these things and avoid the whole getting very cold part. To help you out, either with planning or vacationing in