Underwater Lighting

by Rebecca Melville ·Posted 03/27/2023
Godox just announced two new lighting solutions for photographers who wish to push the boundaries of their creativity on land or under the sea. The WT series offers an array of dive tube lights in various lengths, allowing photographers to enjoy the flexibility of a tube light at up to 40m underwater. Available in daylight and
by Jill Waterman ·Posted 07/10/2019
To succeed as an underwater photographer, one needs to cultivate a subtle balance of preparedness and patience. For more than two decades, underwater conservation photographer Keith Ellenbogen has done just that, to offer us rare glimpses of the elusive marine life he photographs within the short window of his air supply. In the following interview, Ellenbogen sheds light on how his early training in diving, photography, and the marine environment have contributed to his success, while also discussing his camera and lighting gear, and offering
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 11/14/2018
SeaLife, a worldwide leader in underwater cameras and lighting solutions, has announced several new and updated products designed specifically for underwater photography and video imaging. Starting with the new Sea Dragon 2000F and 3000F COB LED lights: Both lights offer a CRI of 80 and color temperature of 5000K, which will simulate natural sunlight for more colorful stills and video images. As its name suggests, the 2000F offers 2000 lumens, while the 3000F produces 3000. The
by Morgan Lyle ·Posted 11/13/2018
So, you’re on a dive and a beautiful sea turtle or shark comes swimming by. Your dive light will give you a good look at it, and you’ll have a memory to enjoy. Of course, if your dive light was fitted with a camera, you’d have an image or video to share with the world. That’s the advantage of the Mera Light + Camera from Tovatec. It looks and feels like a standard flashlight-style dive light, but it’s equipped with a camera that shoots
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 02/28/2018
Ohhhh, how I am drawn to the light. Shiny things. Bright things. Please don’t put a hook inside them. Light & Motion’s display at the 2018 Wedding and Portrait Photographer International show in Las Vegas did not need any physical barbed hooks to catch my interest. Their booth at WPPI features their complete lineup of Stella LED lights. Light & Motion started in 1989, in California, with the goal of making top-tier underwater lighting. Today,
by Larry Cohen and Olga Torrey ·Posted 07/04/2019
The definition of “photography,” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface (such as film or an optical sensor).” As underwater photographers, it is very important for us to consider the quantity, color, quality and direction of the light as it passes through water. Above photograph: Combining ambient and strobe light creates breathtaking images.Photographs © Larry Cohen and Olga Torrey Quantity and Color Underwater light is very