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by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 12/09/2020
Smart home products continued to sell at a blistering pace in 2020, surpassing last year’s gross revenue by more than 16 percent and driving household penetration up to 10 percent. Which products helped fuel those skyrocketing sales figures? Here’s a list of some of the most popular smart home products of the year. Facebook Portal Of all the smart home products on our list, the Facebook Portal is arguably the best for video conferencing. It
by Richard Stevens ·Posted 06/24/2020
This isn’t the article I planned to write when I was offered an opportunity to review the new Arc from Sonos. Soundbars aren’t a new concept, in fact this is Sonos’s 4th-generation model following the highly lauded PLAYBAR, the
by Mos Khan ·Posted 11/07/2022
The holidays are upon us and if you need some ideas for what to get dear old Dad, we've got you covered. Our guide includes a wide range of tech gifts from brands like Apple, Sony, DJI, and more. No two dads are alike, so the staff at Explora has put together recommendations for all types of tech-minded fathers.  A New Perspective  If Dad has ever been curious about drone photography, it's a fantastic time to enter the space. Not only did DJI's long-awaited
by Rich R ·Posted 07/17/2018
Audiophiles plagued by "noisy" audio due to DC power or USB devices can rejoice now that iFi AUDIO has released three new iPurifier models and a new sound-damping rack for its compatible iFi AUDIO equipment. The DC iPurifier2 power conditioner is designed to reduce noise from the DC power source for the company's DAC or other audio devices. It works with most power supplies rated between 5 and 24V, has a 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel
by Stephen Janiszak ·Posted 01/10/2018
Are you looking to cut the cord for good? Check out the HD HomeRun CONNECT QUATRO from SiliconDust, at CES 2018. With the HD HomeRun CONNECT QUATRO, you can receive free to air TV via an antenna, and then distribute that incoming TV signal to a total of four devices, simultaneously, on your wired network. Connect the HD HomeRun CONNECT QUATRO to a network router or switch and distribute your TV signal wirelessly to your
by Rich R ·Posted 10/30/2017
Kanto Living has three new mobile display mounts to offer, and they’re sure to help you get your display moving! Each model features a 19 x 7" steel middle shelf designed to support up to 15 lb of equipment, such as laptops, gaming systems, Blu-ray players, cable/satellite boxes, and more, with a 10 x 4.9" webcam tray that sits above your display for convenient teleconferencing. Each of the four wheels feature quick-release locks, allowing you to place and store the system safely. Integrated cable management channels keep your wires out of
by Richard L. Stevens ·Posted 11/14/2017
When you hear the term “home theater accessory,” it’s natural to think of the usual suspects: universal remote controls, high-speed HDMI cables, maybe an advanced surge protector or articulating wall mount. Those accessory options are perfectly fine and, depending on your setup, that item may just be what your gear needs to take its performance to new dimensions. After all, that’s what we’re after, aren’t we? Who doesn’t want their equipment operating at its peak? If maximizing your equipment’s potential sounds appealing, we’ve rounded up five
by Rich R ·Posted 09/13/2017
With rumors circulating, the new Apple TV 4K (which will be available in 32GB and 64GB models) was announced today via live stream, and its features seem to live up to the hype. Powered by the new A10X Fusion processor—the same as the iPad Pro—the Apple TV 4K is compatible with the HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR formats to deliver vibrant images and video
by Rich R ·Posted 08/24/2017
When I was given the assignment to do a hands-on review of a VIZIO SmartCast wireless soundbar system, the SB4551-D5, I was a bit apprehensive. I’ve always considered myself a bit old school when it comes to home theater; I’m used to the receiver doing its job routing the video signals and amplifying the audio, and the speakers doing their job moving air. Based on this idea of a division of functions, and earlier unreliability of
by Rich R ·Posted 08/18/2017
TV viewers around the country are cutting the cord—discontinuing subscription-based TV services—and switching to free broadcast TV through the use of antennas, and ViewTV is here with a new line of antennas to help you sever that tie. Available in 65-, 70-, and 80-mile ranges, these antennas will allow you to view network programming, such as NBC, CBS, ABC, and others for free on your TV. As an added benefit, these antennas are HD-capable, so any stations within range that broadcast in HD will be displayed in HD on your compatible TV. The
by Rich R ·Posted 07/11/2017
Enjoy your favorite TV shows and streaming services, plus professional and personal digital images with this new TV series from Samsung, simply called “The Frame.” Available in 55 and 65" sizes, The Frame provides access to a library of 100 pieces of artwork across 10 genres and will also display images you have stored (at 800 x
by Rich R ·Posted 04/07/2017
Spring cleaning time is here, and it’s time to clean up your home theater room. You’ve already replaced the dozen or so remotes you have for all your devices with a universal remote, swapped your old component video cables with HDMI, and tied them all up neatly behind your components. Are you finished, though? With cleaning and de-cluttering your viewing area, maybe, but how about maximizing your space? Real estate is expensive, and you don’t want any of it to go to waste. One good way to get the most of your real estate is to upgrade your
by Max Waldroop ·Posted 03/16/2017
Wireless audio pioneer Sonos has unveiled its PLAYBASE speaker base, which brings high-quality sound to your TV. The base supports TVs weighing up to 77 lb and features six midrange drivers, three tweeters, and a woofer, each of which is powered by individual class-D digital amplifiers. Since it connects directly to your TV (in a snap, thanks to the included optical cable), it plays whatever audio would ordinarily come out of the television’s
by William Min ·Posted 03/17/2017
When someone mentions gaming, the first things you probably think of are the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. However, you’re not limited to those gaming consoles. Sure, if you want the latest games and are invested in gaming, those are the devices to get, but what if you’re just a casual gamer or already heavily invested in PC gaming? Here are some alternatives. NES Classic Edition Nostalgia was out in full force, in November, 2016. Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition, which was a miniature version of the original