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Break out the black light and dust off that lava lamp because vinyl and turntables are back! While not at the level of demand seen in the 1970s, vinyl sales have been steadily increasing for more than a decade. As of this writing, LPs are outselling CDs on a yearly basis and chances are you or someone you love is interested in a new record player. A turntable can be a great gift for the right person, but the fear of making the wrong choice is real! B&H is here to help, whether you're shopping for
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Here at B&H, we have recently welcomed THORENS fully automatic turntables to our product line to satiate our desire for the warm sound that records can give us, at the crest of the wave of the vinyl resurgence. The two-speed TD158 features the THORENS TP 17 8.31" aluminum conical tonearm designed to be virtually distortion-free, plus an 11.97"-diameter aluminum platter with electronic speed selection and an automatic shut-off
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In the following video, Rob Rives demonstrates how to set up and use a basic DJ setup. This video explores the functions, controls, and features of a DJ mixer, CD players, and turntables. Rives shows how to connect the players, main outputs, and booth outputs. We showcase setting gain, using the
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In the following video, Rob Rives from B&H discusses a wish list of five budget-friendly turntables for the 2014 holiday season. He explores all-around performers like the Audio Technica AT-LP60USB, stylish models like the Ion Audio Max LP, portable offerings such as the