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Tilta has finally entered the professional tripod foray with the release of three tripod systems consisting of 75mm fluid heads with various carbon fiber legs to suit the needs of your production. Choose between 3-Stage Carbon Fiber and 2-Stage Carbon Fiber legs with 17.6 or
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SmallRig looks to continue their dominance of the video accessory space, announcing three new collaborations with prominent YouTube filmmaking influencers. The SmallRig x Potato Jet Tribex Hydraulic Carbon Fiber Tripod promises to be a professional, portable tripod capable of handling up to 11 lbs while providing one-step hydraulic height and positioning adjustments. The SmallRig X Caleb Pike VB212 mini V Mount Battery packs a ton of power and ports into a small, versatile package. Finally, the SmallRig x Andyax Creator Tool Kit provides a
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DJI has announced its most advanced and innovative gimbals yet: the RS 4 and RS 4 Pro. The new stabilizers debut alongside the Focus Pro, DJI’s first
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We’re a week away from the 2024 NAB Show and lots of exciting new products have already been announced. Lens-crafters NiSi and Atlas Lens Co. unveiled new additions to their signature cinema lineups. Industry-titan Sachtler updated its lauded Ace tripod system. We also got not one but two teasers for upcoming product launches from DJI.  NiSi ATHENA PRIME series brings on 18mm, 40mm, and 135mm lenses NiSi is a relative newcomer to the world of cinema lenses, but they’ve made a strong showing so far, offering lenses that strike the right balance
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Designed for stability and smoothness, the updated Ace fluid head systems from pro video mainstay Sachtler deliver consistent performance in a lightweight, portable form. Choose from an array of tripod configurations including the Ace XL Mk II fluid head with flowtech 75 and
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Tether Tools is back with an all-new way to protect your tethering cables: the TetherGuard LeverLock Plate, a universal tripod plate that can fit easily on all things Arca and anything with a ¼"-20 mounting point. This does so all while allowing you to easily connect and remove your cable from the plate for setting up tethered cameras with ease—safely snake any cable with a maximum diameter of 6.5mm through it
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In a world where gimbals and motorized stabilizers are the cool kids on the block, the shoulder rig maintains its relevance quietly. Let's see why, even amidst all the high-tech alternatives, shoulder rigs are still a fantastic and practical solution for camera stabilization in any cinematographers tool kit. Embracing the Weight: A Cinematographer's Endurance Hack Ever find yourself wrestling with a camera rig, arms
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Photographing the night sky can be a tricky business. Mike Shaw is here to teach you how to focus, which lenses to bring, what kind of tripod to choose, and more tips and techniques. 0:00 - Introduction 0:20 - Focusing at Night 1:42 - Choosing a Tripod 3:10 - Choosing a Lens 4:53 - Planning Your Shot 6:24 - Slaying the High ISO Dragon Are you a pro at shooting in dim light? Let us know your tips in the Comments section, below.
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Two completely different launches were announced this week. The first is a familiar product that is finally going to start shipping: the DJI Ronin 4D-8K Cinema Camera. The second is a brand-new series of laptops that are equipped with Intel®’s latest 14th-Gen Core Ultra™ mobile processors—complete with dedicated Neural
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Popularly, the “travel tripod” is one on which the legs fold up around the center column of the tripod, and/or the tripod head. This allows them to fold to more compact dimensions for transporting on adventures beyond the studio walls. B&H’s website refinements can show you these reversible
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Join Matt Zefi in the field as he focuses the Sony FE 300mm f/2.8 lens to take photos of birds. Stay tuned for all the tips he shares along the way! 0:00 - Introduction 0:25 - Sony FE 300mm f/2.8 Specs 0:59 - Shutter Speed 1:42 - Eye Autofocus 2:04 - Long Exposure 2:41 - Auto ISO 3:18 - APS-C/Crop Mode 4:09 - With 2x Teleconverter 4:44 - Final Thoughts Are you a fan of the Sony FE 300mm f/2.8? Let us know in the Comments section,
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Content creation has exploded into a multi-billion-dollar industry with no signs of slowing down. While it’s true that anyone with a smartphone can become a content creator, the shift toward polished productions might have you browsing some more professional gadgets. Luckily, affordable, easy-to-use gear is widely available for every kind of content creator. Let’s explore some options you might consider snagging for your new hobby or upcoming project.  Best vlogging cameras for content creatorsBest
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Capture and create photos in unique ways with light painting. In this video, Susan Magnano teaches you to use the night as your canvas and make your photos shine, whether you're photographing an urban scene or desert landscape. 0:00 - Introduction 1:19 - The Unicorn Photo 4:03 - The Magic of Night Photography 6:11 - Light Painting 6:53 - ABC's of Light Painting 18:50 - Behind the Scenes 33:50 - Building a Photo 45:40 - Final Thoughts 46:46 - Recap Are you a fan of light painting? Have you ever tried it? Share your thoughts and experiences in
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Since it was founded in 2011, Wooden Camera has set out with the goal to create comprehensive and professional-grade camera accessories for working filmmakers. Over the years, Wooden Camera has amassed and curated a respectable catalog of accessories that has cemented the company as a household name for filmmakers worldwide, including support systems, matte boxes, shoulder rigs, power solutions, and much more.
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Macro photography allows photographers to explore the intricate details of subjects at a 1:1 or greater magnification ratio. However, capturing sharp, stable, and well-lit macro shots can be challenging, due to factors like camera shake, focusing difficulties, and lighting issues. This comprehensive guide will delve into the support systems and related tools that can enhance your macro photography experience, addressing specific challenges that may arise. Stabilization Tools Studio Stands: Studio stands are large, stable support systems