Travel Bags

by Cory Rice ·Posted
Traveling with expensive, delicate photo equipment is stressful. No photographer enjoys entrusting someone else—let alone airport security—with their gear, but sometimes you don't have a choice. Fortunately, Pelican's Air series includes a trio of hard cases for travelers seeking a smart balance of size, weight, and strength. Since its launch in 2016, Pelican's Air series has grown to include well over a dozen cases of all sizes for a variety of purposes. This review focuses on the three cases designed for air travel: the
by Fernando Ferraz ·Posted
A veteran maker of camera bags, Lowepro continues to refine its product line with the release of four models aimed at professional photographers and videographers. These are diverse models ranging from single-camera packs, like the m-Trekker HP120, seen in black Cordura and