by Ronald Francis ·Posted 10/29/2018
The Luxli Timpani 1x1 RGBAW LED light entered the 1x1 panel market to a lot of attention, thanks to its four built-in operational modes. Other features, including remote app control and a very slim enclosure, certainly complete the compact all-in-one fixture that it is, but the four modes are what make the Timpani stand out among the many 1x1 panels already on the market, because most of the available models have no more than two
3,962 Views ·Posted 10/15/2018
Jake Estes checks out the new Luxli Timpani, a versatile, colored light that gives you a great deal of flexibility when shooting in a wide variety of film applications. Its diverse light modes, including CCT, RGB, GEL, SFX, and more, provide a plethora of effects, from lightning to candlelight and explosions. The addition of control via Bluetooth makes the Timpani a powerful lighting solution for almost any professional setting.
by Mary Latvis ·Posted 10/08/2018
Kiss your clothespins and milk crates goodbye! When using the Luxli Timpani 1 x 1 RGBAW LED Light in Filter Mode, you can simply dial-in the filter of your choice, each corresponding to one of 150 popular Lee gels. Whether it’s for color correction or a creative effect, the Timpani's Filter mode saves the you the trouble of transporting, rigging, and storing traditional gels for your lights. Use the Luxli Conductor iOS/Android app to
by Mary Latvis ·Posted 09/07/2018
The 672-LED Luxli Timpani 1 x 1’s accurate color reproduction, 4650-lumen output, Bluetooth app control, and compact form offer a versatility that suits a host of lighting needs. Exactly match a pre-existing tone in RGB Color Mode, select from the Timpani’s 150 classic Lee gel filter looks in Filter Mode, or use the Timpani’s CCT Mode to output your choice of color temperatures in 50K increments. See our infographic below for a
by David Adler ·Posted 08/08/2018
Around the time professionals started to adopt LED lights into more serious lighting setups, I was in college and working part-time at a photo/video equipment rental house in New York. One of the most popular rental items, lighting-wise, was the ubiquitous Litepanels 1x1, now long discontinued and replaced. It was big enough to provide a decent throw, while being lightweight and small enough to cram into a small soft case with other panels. For the professionals who abided by these lights, gone were the days of lugging around huge lighting
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 08/08/2018
The Luxli Timpani light is an extremely useful light fixture. Not only does it provide a strong and beautiful output, it is flexible enough to match with almost any other available fixture. This makes it a no-brainer to add to your existing light kit. Just add another light stand and a case—the Luxli Timpani is slightly smaller than other
by Ronald Francis ·Posted 10/17/2018
The Luxli Timpani is gaining a great deal of popularity, and the reason is simple: everyone in professional video production needs a bicolor 1x1 panel, and the Timpani offers bicolor, RGB color, gels, effects, and remote app control, all in one, and at a price that’s a steal. Simple. The first batch sold out in about a week. 1x1 panels are the most commonly used lights in video production because they’re the easiest to match to
by David Adler ·Posted 06/18/2018
Bang the drums! The powerful Luxli Timpani 1x1 RGBAW LED Light is now in stock at B&H! Following in the footsteps of its orchestral siblings, Viola and Cello on-camera lights, the Timpani breaks new ground for