by Mary Latvis ·Posted 01/17/2023
You already love the Nikon Z9’s ability to capture full-frame 8K video, but now, with firmware update 3.0, you can add Bluetooth timecode using the Atomos UltraSync BLUE and AtomX CONNECT devices. The latest 3.01 update also fixes several focus-tracking functions in AF-C mode, improves FTP uploading, and eliminates a custom setting
by Robert Rives ·Posted 05/19/2022
Serious content creators know that timecode boxes are a big help on multi-camera shoots, allowing you to sync your cameras and recording devices so that sound and picture from every source falls right into place in post. Having the takes automatically sync up in your editing software, rather than wasting time lining up waveforms, saves time and money and helps get your deliverables out the door tout de suite. With this in mind, the industry veterans at Deity Microphones have engineered their new
2,594 Views ·Posted 11/15/2017
Watch B&H’s Rob Rives as he walks you through using the Sound Devices MixPre 10-T, a multi-channel audio recorder and USB interface. As you hear the dulcet tones of his voice through the unit’s Kashmir mic preamps, Rives will expound on the device’s channel count, I/O combinations, Timecode capabilities, 32-bit A/D conversion, control methodologies, and more. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other
14,126 Views ·Posted 07/04/2017
Join B&H’s Rob Rives as he discusses Sound Device’s Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6 audio recorders, in depth. First you’ll hear the Mix Pre-6’s Kashmir mic preamps in action as they pick up the dulcet tones of Rives’s voice. Then, he covers the units extensively, giving you an overview of their gain range, filtering
8,266 Views ·Posted 12/03/2015
In this video, Rob Rives shows us a new six-track audio field recorder from Tascam, the DR-701D. An update to the DR-70D, the DR-701D now represents Tascam's flagship audio recorder for single-shooter video production. Designed specifically as an audio-recording solution for DSLR video applications, the DR-701D boasts dual built-in omnidirectional microphones and four XLR/TRS inputs with phantom power. In addition, the recorder features