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Street photographer Harvey Stein has visited and revisited the same destinations throughout his career, photographing strangers all around the world. In this seminar, he will share his tried-and-true techniques for capturing street portraits, as well as the stories behind his images. 0:00 - Intro 1:24 - Harvey's Not-So-Secret Secrets 7:35 - Flight Photos 10:25 - New Mexico 23:00 - India 34:09 - Mexico 36:30 - More from Harvey For even more fun, listen in as Stein discusses his newest book, Coney Island People: 50 Years, and offers valuable
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With a camera in his hand, Harvey Stein owns the streets, having spent the past 50 years capturing quintessential moments and making sensitive portraits of the people he meets there. In this two-part episode, he shares details about his photographic process while also conveying the wisdom he’s acquired after publishing 10 books of photographs. We first caught up with Stein at the 2022 B&H OPTIC Conference in June, where he spoke about his newest book
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Street photographer Hugh Brownstone shares his tips for shooting black-and-white photos with your digital camera. Whether you're making portraits, cityscapes, or architectural photos, these techniques will help you get started! 0:00 - Introduction 0:18 - Use Technology 0:44 - How to Expose 1:28 - Capture in Color 1:48 - Think of the Edit 2:14 - Where to Be Did you find these tips helpful? Let us know in the Comments section, below. 
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Learn how to level up your street portrait photography with FUJIFILM creator Derek Fahsbender, who tells you how he makes his street portraiture more interesting, as well as how to talk to strangers and take their pictures, even if you're on the introverted side. What are your tips for approaching and photographing strangers? Share them with us in the Comments section.  
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Ricoh has rolled out a sparkling new version of its popular GR camera—the Ricoh GR IIIx—featuring a new 40mm (35mm equivalent) lens and a handful of new accessories. The GR flies under the radar of most photographers, but for those in the Ricoh cult, the GR has attained an almost legendary status as one of the world’s top compact point-and-shoot cameras. If you look at the images accompanying this article, you will see that the new GR IIIx
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There is a vibrance, a joy, and a love for photography that one feels when speaking with Meryl Meisler. It’s also very cool that by day she was a high school art teacher in Brooklyn and, by night, dancing and photographing at legendary clubs like Studio 54. Anyway, that’s just how I see it. Of course, there’s a lot more to Meisler’s photography than just 1970s disco and 1980s Bushwick, and we talk about a wide range of subjects on this episode of the
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The photos of David Rothenberg are some of the most exciting that we have seen in a while―condensed and entangled compositions of airplanes over urban housing and portraits of travelers, through plane windows, or bathed in a holy light at a train station. His work is provocative, playful, and compassionate and asks us to look at compositions and subjects carefully, addressing issues of isolation and hope. On this episode of the B&H
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Photographer Sally Davies embodies a beautiful creative spirit, and I think that spirit also resides in the homes of the 72 New Yorkers she photographed, who are included in her wonderful portrait book, appropriately titled, New Yorkers. If this spirit does not exist and Davies is not in tune with it, how could she have captured such wonderful stories of people and their places and done it so efficiently, in some cases in just minutes? We
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It’s important to be respectful when approaching and photographing strangers. Documentary photographer and Sony Artisan Ira Block shares his portrait photography tips for capturing people in different cultures with courtesy and respect. What are your experiences when taking travel portraits? Tell us about them in the Comments section, below.
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In 2012 the obituaries for pocket-size point-and-shoot cameras outnumbered the number of announcements for their replacements. Five years earlier, Apple had unveiled the original iPhone, and though the image quality of the then-current iPhone 4 still wasn’t enough to plant a knockout punch to the point-and-shoot market, every generation of smartphones that followed further pounded away at what was left of it. And then Sony came along and introduced the Cyber-shot DSC-RX100. The Birth of a Classic—The Original Sony Cyber-shot DSC RX100 Design-
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For months, Mark Seliger was a ghost. While most of New York huddled indoors, Seliger roamed the streets, cataloging rare, haunting images of “The City That Never Sleeps,” finally put to rest. These images are the heart of Seliger’s latest work, The City That Finally Sleeps, a moving and unforgettable look at New York during the height of COVID-19. B&H, in partnership with Sony, is proud to support Mark Seliger and to celebrate the release of this
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Is the light in Chicago different than the light in New York? Can “street photography” set the subjects and control the scene? And just how long should you follow people carrying balloons to get a photograph? These are some of the questions we answer in this week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast. We welcome photographers Nina Welch Kling and Clarissa Bonet to the
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In this presentation, Leica Akademie instructor Dotan Saguy analyzes where most street photographers go wrong and provides 10 ways for you to stand out. From photography composition to location, Saguy shows you how to step up your photo game. Which of these tips will you be taking to the street? Let us know in the Comments, below, and share your own recommendations for outstanding street photography.  
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Visual storyteller Paola Franqui, aka Monaris, shares her portrait photography tips when taking pictures of strangers through reflections. Which tips are new to you, and which will you be applying to your own photos? Share them in the Comments section, below, along with any other recommendations you may have.
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What is street photography? Is it an urban exercise? Is it black-and-white or color? Is it collaborative or solitary? Can it be an intimate portrait or a long-term project? These are some of the questions we ask of our guest on today’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast. And Gulnara Samoilova does not take the bait. Samoilova is interested in expanding street photography, not limiting it with a definition. To her, and as is represented