Streaming Media Solutions

by Jordan Gallant ·Posted 10/19/2022
Show off custom orders from your Etsy store, unbox your newest tech purchase, or review skincare products, all from one intuitive livestreaming device, with the YoloMax All-in-One Live Streaming Solution from YoloLiv. With a whopping 32" touchscreen, think of the YoloMax as a supersized version of the Instream Vertical Live
by John Foldi ·Posted 09/22/2022
Google has just announced the Chromecast with Google TV (HD). Google now provides a more affordable way to upgrade your older TVs and computer monitors into full-fledged smart TVs. The HD version supports Full HD 1080p HDR content, and like the previously released Chromecast with Google TV (4K), the HD version lets you
by Jordan Gallant ·Posted 09/19/2022
As we transition back from virtual living to in-person interactions, the demand for live production has only increased. We know now that hybrid environments of virtual and physical space are more desirable to audience members and event coordinators alike, because they maximize the number of people you can reach. But with these types of events comes a host of issues, whether that be from connectivity to video quality—remotely and with on-site displays. A notable name in the wireless transmission sphere,
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 06/08/2022
B&H is excited to introduce a new addition to the Atomos CONNECT accessory line with the ZATO CONNECT, a compact streaming encoder that enables any HDMI or USB device to stream to the Internet while recording and monitoring the stream simultaneously on a built-in, incredibly bright touchscreen display. This ultra-compact device can fit right into productions of any size such as events, meetings, houses of worship, or
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 04/26/2022
B&H is excited to announce a new entry into the encoding and streaming video arena from AJA: the HELO Plus advanced, stand-alone H.264 Streaming/Encoding/Recording appliance. The HELO Plus is a compact device that can be used on any network to input, encode, record, and stream your HD video production for live events, education, sports, news, and just about any media broadcast environment. The updated and redesigned HELO Plus adds a