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The recent rise of digital media production platforms like podcasting, streaming, and content creation have presented opportunities for new voices in the audio world to make a name for themselves. One such voice that has recently made waves is a Canadian company by the name of BEACN. With several recent products that have taken the streaming world by storm, such as the BEACN Mix and
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Watch B&H’s Rob Rives as he walks you through using the Sound Devices MixPre 10-T, a multi-channel audio recorder and USB interface. As you hear the dulcet tones of his voice through the unit’s Kashmir mic preamps, Rives will expound on the device’s channel count, I/O combinations, Timecode capabilities, 32-bit A/D conversion, control methodologies, and more. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other
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Join B&H’s own Robert Rives as he discusses how to improve upon your smartphone’s microphone for Facebook Live. In this video, Robert test-drives three microphones tailor-made for mobile devices: the MXL MM130, the MXL MM110 Boundary mic, and the
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In this video, Rob Rives shows the the OD-11 from Teenage Engineering, a Wi-Fi-enabled wireless speaker that supports streaming from most computers and portable devices, and that is specifically intended for cloud-based music listening. The OD-11speaker features a two-way omnidirectional design that allows the sound to be dispersed evenly throughout your acoustic space. It features one long-throw woofer, one high-efficiency