by Trevor Collins ·Posted 05/16/2023
The recent rise of digital media production platforms like podcasting, streaming, and content creation have presented opportunities for new voices in the audio world to make a name for themselves. One such voice that has recently made waves is a Canadian company by the name of BEACN. With several recent products that have taken the streaming world by storm, such as the BEACN Mix and
18,606 Views ·Posted 01/15/2018
In the following video, Doug Guerra, of B&H, tests the SlingStudio Hub and demonstrates how it makes recording a broadcast easy, with multiple cameras, using only a tablet. Guerra stretches the capabilities of the SlingStudio to show off the streaming system’s impressive feature set. The video showcases plenty of shots recorded using the SlingStudio, so you can inspect the quality yourself. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to
2,594 Views ·Posted 11/15/2017
Watch B&H’s Rob Rives as he walks you through using the Sound Devices MixPre 10-T, a multi-channel audio recorder and USB interface. As you hear the dulcet tones of his voice through the unit’s Kashmir mic preamps, Rives will expound on the device’s channel count, I/O combinations, Timecode capabilities, 32-bit A/D conversion, control methodologies, and more. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other
14,126 Views ·Posted 07/04/2017
Join B&H’s Rob Rives as he discusses Sound Device’s Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6 audio recorders, in depth. First you’ll hear the Mix Pre-6’s Kashmir mic preamps in action as they pick up the dulcet tones of Rives’s voice. Then, he covers the units extensively, giving you an overview of their gain range, filtering
2,825 Views ·Posted 06/02/2016
Join B&H’s own Robert Rives as he discusses how to improve upon your smartphone’s microphone for Facebook Live. In this video, Robert test-drives three microphones tailor-made for mobile devices: the MXL MM130, the MXL MM110 Boundary mic, and the
1,399 Views ·Posted 03/09/2015
In this video, Rob Rives shows the the OD-11 from Teenage Engineering, a Wi-Fi-enabled wireless speaker that supports streaming from most computers and portable devices, and that is specifically intended for cloud-based music listening. The OD-11speaker features a two-way omnidirectional design that allows the sound to be dispersed evenly throughout your acoustic space. It features one long-throw woofer, one high-efficiency