Stabilizers & Gimbals

by Rebecca Melville ·Posted 11/10/2023
Content creation has exploded into a multi-billion-dollar industry with no signs of slowing down. While it’s true that anyone with a smartphone can become a content creator, the shift toward polished productions might have you browsing some more professional gadgets. Luckily, affordable, easy-to-use gear is widely available for every kind of content creator. Let’s explore some options you might consider snagging for your new hobby or upcoming project.  Best vlogging cameras for content creatorsBest
0 Views ·Posted 10/19/2023
Representatives from Zacuto, Beastgrip, and Zhiyun joined us to discuss the best gear for your mobile setup. Watch this B&H video and learn to use your mobile phone to create professional photo and video work. 0:00 - Introduction 5:53 - Featured Products from Zacuto, Beastgrip, and Zhiyun 16:10 - The Zacuto Z-Finder 20:36 - Using the Gear for Vertical Video Recording 24:14 -
by Stepan Andranikian ·Posted 11/10/2023
As we approach the holiday season, it's time to start knocking those gift lists out of the way. If there's an aspiring filmmaker on your list, but you don't know what to give them to help kickstart their film production careers, then look no further―we've got you covered! In this gift guide we'll suggest a variety of products that we feel would benefit every beginner filmmaker. Stabilizers Shoulder Rig The shoulder rig is a slept-on piece of equipment that deserves more recognition. It stabilizes camera footage while allowing the operator to
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 11/14/2023
Many budding sports and wildlife photographers dream of larger and larger lenses that get them closer to the action while letting in more light—allowing blazing-fast, action-freezing shutter speeds that capture priceless moments on the field or out in the field. But, with long lenses comes the increased chance of camera shake due to the extreme focal lengths. How do we combat physics here? Well, if you are entering the world of the
0 Views ·Posted 09/01/2023
Get ready to bring powerful lens control to your camera rig with Tilta’s updated Nucleus Nano II wireless FIZ lens controller system. The updated Nucleus Nano II system is made up of a wireless touchscreen hand controller unit and a powerful, compact
by Stepan Andranikian ·Posted 09/18/2023
There's nothing like the feeling you get after playing your footage from an arduous day of filming, when you realize that everything you shot looks like your camera stumbled into a rogue washing machine, which then toppled down a comically large mountain range. Nothing like it. Unintentionally shaky footage can make a seemingly successful shoot become the bane of one's career. While there are certain measures one can take to mitigate the shakiness of footage in post, nothing will be as painless as simply stabilizing during production—hence the
0 Views ·Posted 08/17/2023
Filmmaker Rubidium Wu dives into the DJI Ronin 4D. Wu explains how the Ronin 4D captures smooth footage, regardless of your skill level, letting you take your filmmaking to new dimensions. 0:00 - Introduction 1:09 - Different Gimbals and Camera Movements 7:15 - The Ronin 4D 11:00 - The Oner Example 18:00 - Lenses for the Ronin 4D 20:17 - Keeping the Flow of the Scene with the Ronin 4D 29:33 - Aperture Control 33:30
by Stepan Andranikian ·Posted 08/18/2023
Long-time filmmakers can attest to the fact that while gear isn't everything, the right tools can make breathing life into a shot exponentially easier and more enjoyable. Today, we’re taking a perfunctory glance at camera sliders, stabilizers, and gimbals and how each plays a unique role in realizing your cinematic visions. Camera Sliders Camera sliders are just what they sound like: tools designed to slide your camera along a horizontal plane, producing smooth, stable, and controlled tracking shots. There is a variety of sliders available
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 07/19/2022
Steadicam welcomes a new handheld gimbal support system into its ranks with the Steadimate-RS support and counterweight system. It's an updated kit that enhances the load support, control, and comfort of its predecessor, the Steadimate-S. The Steadimate-RS is designed to make operating handheld gimbals even
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 06/15/2022
Creating smooth-motion video is no easy task for a camera operator, so Zhiyun has released three new and updated super-compact gimbal stabilizers to its formidable gimbal lineup to cover a variety of camera types and smartphones. These new releases include the WEEBILL-3, the Smooth-Q4, and the FIVERAY FR100C RGB LED tube light in
0 Views ·Posted 04/05/2022
Let's take a look at the PowerVision S1, a smartphone gimbal that's perfect for the content creator, regardless of whether you're vlogging, making Reels and Tik Toks, or doing vertical livestreams. Using his iPhone 13 Pro Max, Jake Estes tests the AI Face & Object Tracking, 3-axis motors, PowerFollow feature, and more! What do you think of this mobile gimbal? Let us know in the