Sports Photography

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Sports photographer Jean Fruth does more than take pictures. She tells stories, giving you a sense of place and culture. Journey with Fruth as she shares her thought process when photographing a professional or amateur game. 0:00 - Jean Fruth’s Approach to Sports Photography 4:10 - From Grassroots to the Pros 11:58 - Giving Back 17:55 - Women and Girls in Baseball 30:26 - Final Thoughts Are you a sports photographer with tips to share? Please do so in the Comments section, below.
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Join Jaison Sterling, owner of Rock Town Media, as he dives into the basic concepts of action portraits using off-camera lighting. Sterling goes over the gear needed to create dynamic sports portraits. 0:00 - Introduction 1:16 - Sterling's Background 6:08 - Sterling's Lighting Setup 14:56 - Editing 15:21 – One-on-One Mentoring 16:30 - Setting the Power of the Flash and Using the Flash Outdoors 20:02 - Getting Started with Off-Camera Flash 21:46 – Sky Exposure and Deciding Which Lights and Modifiers to Use 24:46 - Pricing, Location, Posing,
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How do you freeze fast-moving subjects in camera? Keydrin Franklin shares his lens choice, camera settings, and other factors when taking action shots. 0:00 - Introduction 0:17 - Today’s Photo Shoot 0:54 - Lens Focal Length 1:21 - ISO 1:41 - Aperture 2:10 - Shutter Speed 2:42 - Tracking 3:50 - Background 4:38 - Check Your Work 5:10 - The Entire Process
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Join veteran sports photographer Pete Wright as he walks you through every element of sports photography. He goes over how to get started, what gear to use, the proper camera settings to use, useful software options for post-processing, searching for the best locations, using remote camera rigs, and so much more. 0:00 - Introduction 2:56 - Wright’s Background 6:50 - Equipment 11:54 - Know Your Tools 18:18 - Location is Everything 24:49 - Photograph Warmups 27:11 - Know the Team You’re Photographing 28:41 - Remote Cameras 41:03 - Post-
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Mike Tyson has long been a boxing legend and, for this week’s podcast, we speak with the photographer who was there from the very start. Lori Grinker was just a student with a semester-long assignment when she first met Tyson as a 13-year-old kid under the tutelage of famed boxing trainer Cus D’Amato. Grinker’s inside access over the next decade offers an intimate portrait of Tyson that few others have seen, and is now published in the book
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As any passionate sports photographer will tell you, there’s a special feeling that comes with covering game action that hooks you from day one. This was the starting point for our episode with Sony Artisan of Imagery Jean Fruth and longtime Sports Illustrated Director of Photography Steve Fine. After building her career covering pro teams, Fruth co-founded
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This weekend’s football game is bigger and better than most games―you might even say that it’s a super game. It certainly is one of the most photographed sporting events of the year, and with that in mind, the B&H Photography Podcast welcomes two photographers who know their way around the sidelines. Our guests are football photographers Al Bello and Callena Williams. Al Bello is a
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Camera lenses, strobes, and light modifiers are all a part of taking dynamic sports portraits. In this B&H Online Video, photographer Matt Hernandez shares 5 tips for creating great sports portraiture. Are you a sports photographer? How will you apply Hernandez’s portrait tips? Leave a comment below.
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This week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast is a wonderful way to usher in autumn, and we hope it inspires our listeners to get out into the forests, fields, and streams to photograph what they love. It is also an episode that hits all the marks, as we talk about the gear, technique, science, ethics, and passion of photography―in this case, centered on fly-fishing photography. Our guests, Jess McGlothlin and
by John Harris ·Posted 09/20/2021
What can you do with a high-end telephoto lens? Be a boss, is what you can do. I mean, c’mon! Strutting around the sidelines or cuttin’ through the bush with one of these beasts resting on your shoulder―not only do you look tough, but you’re also carrying a lens that you need to get the best photos in sports and wildlife photography. When I say best, let’s not underestimate the greatness of photographers who can create wonderful images with a wide-angle lens or even a telephoto of lesser quality, but to really excel in the disciplines of
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Sony Artisan of Imagery Jean Fruth shares her tips for photographing sports, discussing different perspectives, scenarios to consider, and more. If you're a beginner to the sports photography world, then these tips will help you to level up! Which of these tips will you use on your next sports shoot? Have any of your own to add? Let us know in the Comments section, below!
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Even if you are not currently on your beach vacation, let’s take a little trip to Hawaii’s shores for today’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast. Joining us is photographer Zak Noyle, who was born and raised in Hawaii and began publishing his surf photography while still in high school. Noyle has photographed the sport’s top surfers and events, has been published in Sports Illustrated and National Geographic, and has traveled the world
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This post is all about the gear I am bringing with me to the Games in Tokyo. As always, my goal is to share with you all what it is like to be at the Games. In the past I focused mainly on the photography, but this time around I plan on giving you the photographic view, but also the behind-the-scenes view from these very different Games. As I stated before, this is the first Games where I need to bring everything with me, since Canon is not allowed to lend products to photographers (due to COVID protocol) unless it is a dire emergency. And yes
by John Harris ·Posted 08/03/2021
Great photos, in any discipline, can result from infinite techniques, but in sports photography—at least in sports photojournalism—there is little room for the aesthete who chooses a slow approach or the kind that eschews the available camera functions that will increase the proverbial “hit rate.” In other words, sports photographers need to use all measures to get that decisive, well-composed, and most important, in-focus photograph. Thank goodness, therefore, for continuous focus tracking, a blessing for sports photographers everywhere.
by John Harris ·Posted 06/04/2021
Sports photography is a true test for cameras. Perhaps more than any photo discipline, shooting sports photography leaves you little opportunity for a second chance and demands that your camera works at peak efficiency. I’ll save the classic caveat that you can shoot any subject with any camera for another article, and while I encourage all photographers to start with the camera they have, there should be little argument that cameras with a fast burst rate, good buffer depth, fast and accurate autofocus, a compatible lineup of telephoto lenses