Special Effects Lenses

by Cory Rice ·Posted 02/23/2023
Lensbaby refreshes an old favorite of the Optic Swap System with the Double Glass II for the Composer Pro II. The new optic adds a 12-bladed, manually adjustable internal aperture to its drop-in magnetic aperture system and features an all-metal housing for durability. Designed for creating impressionistic effects and unique bokeh, the Double Glass II continues the Lensbaby tradition of experimental image making.
by Allan Weitz ·Posted 10/28/2020
It has been more than 16 years since Lensbaby first came into being, and to mark the occasion, this manufacturer is taking the opportunity to introduce the Lensbaby Spark 2.0, which is an update of the original Lensbaby Spark 1.0, introduced in 2012.
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 10/08/2022
Let’s face it: Shooting film and video isn’t just a job for most of us, it is something we love. Everything that we do contributes to creativity of the images that we make. But the toll the day-in and day-out work can take on our creativity can be devastating. Sometimes you just need a break, something to reinvigorate you, like a fun, non-professional optic. Sometimes you need a different challenge, working with a different set of limitations; experiment, explore, create without having to worry about others judging or the consequences of
by tom kirkman ·Posted 07/13/2020
ANDYCINE is offering three photographic crystals that split a beam of light into its spectral components or colors of the rainbow to create eye-catching effects. Each has 1/4"-20 female threads so it can be mounted on a small tripod or stand with the aim of shining light through it to splash color throughout a room. Another novel use is mounting these lightweight crystals on an accessory, such as a Magic Arm, and angling them so you are shooting through them with your camera’s lens to digitally capture the kaleidoscopic colors and breakup of
by Cory Rice ·Posted 03/26/2020
When many people think of special effects, they think of dimly lit rooms, expensive computers, and complicated software. While this may be an accurate picture if you are editing a blockbuster action movie, digital still photographers can do a lot to their images even before transferring files off their camera. The following guide covers some of the more popular in-camera effects on the market to consider when purchasing a new camera or for better understanding the camera you already own. Film Simulation and Color Profiles In recent years,
by Staff Writer ·Posted 10/24/2019
Lensbaby, a company with a history of bringing creatively unorthodox camera lenses and optical oddities to market, has introduced a new way to add dashes of color and textures to your photos: The Lensbaby OMNI Color Expansion Pack offers a variety of color gels, “crystal effect wands,” Lumi films, and diffraction films that enable you to add all sorts of colorful spectral effects to your photographs. Lenbaby’s latest offering is
620 Views ·Posted 05/03/2019
Apodization (APD) lenses go by many names, Smooth Trans Focus (STF), for example, but the technology is all in the name of good bokeh. Photographer David Flores tests some of the most popular options available today, while providing a great description for exactly how these optics function. Check out the whole video to see these lenses in action and be sure to read about it on B&H Explora to learn more. Product Highlights:
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 03/15/2018
Lensbaby has always been good at creating unique and interesting lenses, and the Burnside 35mm f/2.8 is merely a continuation of that tradition, with its distinct swirly bokeh and dual-aperture design for controllable vignetting. Special effects are Lensbaby’s calling card, and the Burnside draws on that experience by using the swirl from the Twist 60 Optic and building on it as it joins the company’s relatively recent adventure into
by Staff Writer ·Posted 09/04/2017
With Lensbaby's Composer Pro II Optic Swap Kit, photographers can take advantage of a range of creative imaging possibilities. The kit includes the Composer Pro II, to which three different optics can be attached: the Sweet 35mm f/2.5, Sweet 50mm f/2.5, and Edge 50mm f/3.2. It is available in Nikon F and Canon EF mounts. The Sweet 35 and 50 allow you to achieve sharp focus in the “sweet spot” of the lens, while the rest of the image