by Mos Khan ·Posted 01/18/2023
Apple has announced a new, supposedly improved, second-generation HomePod Smart Speaker. The announcement comes just a day after the reveal of the new MacBook and Mac mini, continuing Apple’s recent trend of rolling out revised products on the heels of its keynote. The revamped HomePod is the first update to the full-sized model
by John Foldi ·Posted 01/10/2023
Experience what Yamaha calls “True Sound” with the combination of the newly released R-N2000A network receiver and NS-2000A floorstanding 3-way speaker. As part of Yamaha’s True Sound, internal components of each address a trio of aural concepts: tonal balance, sound image, and sound dynamics. The
by Richard Stevens ·Posted 07/05/2022
It’s hard to feel inspired when considering the soundbar landscape. In most cases, you simply get a wide, black box that’s designed to sit near your TV. You connect the soundbar to your home entertainment system and expect to be treated to an elevated audio experience—and for the most part, it delivers. If you’re being honest, though, rarely would you expect a soundbar to compete with larger systems that consist of dedicated speakers powered by an A/V receiver. Well, if you want to inject a healthy dose of surprise and excitement into your
by Richard Stevens ·Posted 05/30/2022
From entry level to high end, there’s no shortage of soundbars on the market. Each promises to deliver an elevated audio experience compared to your TV’s built-in speakers. As TVs have gotten thinner over the years, sacrifices have had to be made, and sound quality has often suffered as a result. Thankfully, brands like Bowers & Wilkins, often referred to as B&W, offer solutions that not only you allow you to bypass your TV’s speakers, but let you turn the experience up a notch and enjoy high-resolution multi-channel sound. As more
by Rich R ·Posted 10/13/2021
When I was asked to test the new 2nd Generation Sonos Beam, I was excited to see how much soundbar technology has advanced since my last review. With its short width, I was concerned it wouldn’t offer as broad a soundstage as my soundbar or the soundbar I reviewed a couple of years ago―which was a 5.1-channel soundbar system―but as you’ll read, I had nothing to worry about. Whether through driver design, positioning, or other technology, the
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 08/17/2021
Mackie is releasing a bunch of products that are sure to help you in your audiophilic pursuits, including portable loudspeakers, wireless systems, and high-quality soundbars for compact computer systems—and you can now buy them here at B&H. First of all, let’s cover the Thump GO, Mackie’s answer to the question, “How do you make a professional loudspeaker with the compact
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 06/09/2021
Not every specification for the products that B&H Photo sells requires a secret decoder ring. We all know what height, width, length, and weight are. Photographers are familiar with megapixels and ISO ranges. However, there is one specification that pops up across many product lines that you might not be familiar with: IP Rating. You will find the “IP Rating” specification on products like hard and waterproof cases,
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 04/30/2021
They arrived on my doorstep nestled in a cardboard box—two Bowers & Wilkins 606 S2 Anniversary Edition Speakers, offered on loan for review. These bookshelf speakers are geared for hi-fi enthusiasts who might not have the wherewithal to go full “rabbit hole” on the pursuit.
by Rich R ·Posted 11/05/2019
Polk Audio recently announced that B&H will be carrying its Signature E series speakers, the European-tuned, whitewashed walnut versions of its Signature series. A rarity in the United States, these speakers feature a slightly different frequency response from their North American cousins, and other than the white finish, feature the same design. Starting with the bookshelf speakers, each of which are sold as a pair, the
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 07/16/2019
With so many speakers on the market, it’s always intriguing to see a new company doing something fresh with their monitors. Founded by a team of professionals from the world of pro audio, Kali Audio is an American company that designs and engineers its products in Southern California, and plans to name each product line after a different locale in the great Golden State. Though you may not be familiar with the name Kali Audio, its staff has been integral to the production of highly successful loudspeaker products throughout the last 30 years.
by Rich R ·Posted 02/11/2019
Thanks to a partnership with Sonance, Sonos now offers in-wall, in-ceiling, and outdoor speaker options. They’re all available in pairs, and are all optimized for use with the
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 01/23/2019
No matter what sort of audio madness you make in the safety of your studio, you can benefit from a stellar solution for the pesky problems encountered once you're "out of the box." With that in mind, Dangerous Music—highly regarded by discerning minds and ears—has released the D-BOX+ monitor controller and summing mixer for display and demonstration at NAMM 2019. Built upon the success of the original D-BOX, the USA-
by Richard Stevens ·Posted 01/11/2019
So much at CES focuses on what you see and hear. Some of the very best products can also evoke an emotional response. When listening to great speakers, not only should you expect them to sound good, but they should also be able to immerse you in the experience; and if you're really lucky, provide a few goose bumps along the way. At the end of your listening session, you should be able to recall how the experience made you feel just as clearly as the music or movie soundtrack itself. Sound dramatic? If you experienced SVS's demos at CES this
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 06/14/2018
You could spend the better part of your days comparing speakers in search of the “best.” Even within a single manufacturer’s product line, there are subtle and obvious variations between speakers. Some of those variances are visible while others are guarded in the secret scrolls of specifications. With prices ranging from hundreds to many thousands of dollars, all those differences must matter, right? Yes! As you might suspect, some details matter more than others. Understanding how a speaker’s specs affect its performance is crucial to
by Greg Johnson ·Posted 01/25/2018
A year after the launch of the monitors Shape 40, 50, and 65, Focal reinforces its core-range monitoring with the arrival of the flagship model of the line: Shape Twin. In addition, Focal affirms its position as an innovative manufacturer with the arrival of its first open-back circumaural headphones—the Listen