by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 12/29/2022
Setting up a functional home office space/guest bedroom has been a never-ending journey. I was sure I wanted to add a 42" OLED TV to sit beside my computer to serve as a second display (when needed) and as entertainment, but a big uncertainty was finding a sound system to work with it. The room is small, and I wasn’t going to build out a true sound system, so a soundbar became the go-to option. I eventually landed on the Sony HT-A5000, which is admittedly a bit large for the TV and desk it sits on. However, this was before the
by Richard Stevens ·Posted 05/30/2022
From entry level to high end, there’s no shortage of soundbars on the market. Each promises to deliver an elevated audio experience compared to your TV’s built-in speakers. As TVs have gotten thinner over the years, sacrifices have had to be made, and sound quality has often suffered as a result. Thankfully, brands like Bowers & Wilkins, often referred to as B&W, offer solutions that not only you allow you to bypass your TV’s speakers, but let you turn the experience up a notch and enjoy high-resolution multi-channel sound. As more
by John Foldi ·Posted 05/11/2022
Improve the quality of your TV, gaming, and music experience with the Sonos Ray Soundbar. The Ray is Sonos’s budget entry into the soundbar space, fleshing out a portfolio that already includes the Sonos Beam and Sonos Arc,
by Richard Risitano ·Posted 03/28/2022
Broaden the soundstage of the movies, TV shows, and music you enjoy with the new Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 3 Soundbar. It features three discrete front channels for stereo audio and dialogue, plus two up-firing Atmos drivers that deliver overhead sound effects to envelop you in your content. Panorama 3 has been specifically designed to offer great sound from just one component, with
by Richard Risitano ·Posted 09/14/2021
Sonos is a brand that’s known for breaking the mold, having originally done so by being among the first to offer multi-room speaker interoperability. The company continued to push boundaries when it broke into the home theater realm with its first soundbar products; now, rather than breaking the mold again, it’s taking the design of the original Sonos Beam Soundbar to new dimensions with the new 2nd generation Sonos Beam.
by Richard Risitano ·Posted 09/08/2021
If you’re looking for immersive sound with voice control and plenty of wireless streaming options, then look no further than the new Bose® Smart Soundbar™ 900. Available in either black or white, it produces a virtual 5.0.2-channel Dolby Atmos soundstage with a dedicated center channel and two up-firing full-range drivers.
by Richard Risitano ·Posted 01/20/2021
From network amplifiers to soundbars to virtual assistant speakers and more, Bluesound has an extensive catalog of products. They’re now available at B&H Photo, and I’ll be walking you through it all to help you find what you need. Home Theater The POWERNODE 2i is a 2.1-channel network amplifier that’s available in black matte or
by Richard Stevens ·Posted 07/27/2020
A few weeks ago, I made a bold claim that the Arc from Sonos was the most complete soundbar on the market. You can find that review here, and I stand by that opinion. While the Arc isn’t perfect—few tech items are—it checked many boxes, and I am certain it will appeal to most consumers. However, the problem
by Richard Risitano ·Posted 07/22/2020
Samsung recently released a new line of soundbar systems with enough variety to meet the needs of most homes. Starting with the least amount of space required, the HW-S40T is a stereo soundbar that’s only 26.8" wide. It has an optical input for connecting to your compatible TV, and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless