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With the announcement of the XPERIA 5 IV, Sony has once again proved that access to professional content creation is possible in the form of a compact smartphone. For those who loved the XPERIA 5 III but thought its screen was too dim and bemoaned its lack of convenient charging, the upgraded XPERIA 5 IV's 6.1" FHD+ 120 Hz OLED panel is now 50% brighter and supports wireless charging. Featuring
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Anyone who has shopped for a home knows that it is difficult to evaluate a property from an online profile. Not all real estate agents have access to high-end photographers, and most importantly, it is difficult to determine the size of a space from a photo. Matterport revolutionized the industry with its turnkey solutions, empowering real estate professionals, business owners, and hospitality managers to create a “digital twin” of their property, inviting potential residents or customers to tour the digital twin on popular web platforms. In