Smartphone Camera

0 Views ·Posted 09/01/2022
With the announcement of the XPERIA 5 IV, Sony has once again proved that access to professional content creation is possible in the form of a compact smartphone. For those who loved the XPERIA 5 III but thought its screen was too dim and bemoaned its lack of convenient charging, the upgraded XPERIA 5 IV's 6.1" FHD+ 120 Hz OLED panel is now 50% brighter and supports wireless charging. Featuring
by Jabari Holder ·Posted 02/21/2022
Anyone who has shopped for a home knows that it is difficult to evaluate a property from an online profile. Not all real estate agents have access to high-end photographers, and most importantly, it is difficult to determine the size of a space from a photo. Matterport revolutionized the industry with its turnkey solutions, empowering real estate professionals, business owners, and hospitality managers to create a “digital twin” of their property, inviting potential residents or customers to tour the digital twin on popular web platforms. In
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 12/02/2019
Cameras are now expected to be a headline feature of the latest smartphones. Apple, Google, Samsung, Sony, and all the other manufacturers are incorporating excellent cameras, backed up by even better software. Now, the smartphone in your pocket can take photos rivaling those of point-and-shoots, and use advanced processing tricks to create photographs that mimic professional systems. The only problem is figuring out which one to get, especially since the companies have a tendency to battle each other for supremacy in the smartphone camera
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 10/25/2019
It has been a wild year for ZTE. In August, the company released the Axon 10 Pro, its first flagship smartphone to hit American shores since last year’s temporary ban. That ban represented a period of uncertainty for U.S. customers, one that left many of us wondering when and if we’d ever get our hands on a new ZTE device. Luckily, all was resolved, the ban was short-lived, and ZTE’s latest premium handset, the Axon 10 Pro, has