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HYPER announces the latest entry in its expansive mobile charging line, the 140W 3-Port USB Type-C/USB Type-A GaN Charger with Cable. HYPER continues to take advantage of the benefits of GaN technology to deliver high-powered and travel-friendly mobile chargers. With this charger, you can provide enough power to recharge any current MacBook on the market, including the new MacBook Pro 16", and a host of other mobile devices.
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Realtors, contractors, and DIY homeowners now have a new tool for documenting existing spaces or updates to ongoing projects in 3D/360˚ form. Introducing the Axis Capture Assist Motor Mount―Matterport’s cost-effective capture option that uses your smartphone, opening the 3D “walk-through” virtual-tour process door to small/medium business owners, such as independent realtors, smaller retailers, and part-time vacation rental hosts. For larger enterprises, the Axis mount offers a
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How do you make a mobile smartphone cage even more portable? With the release of the SmallRig Fold P10 Smartphone Cage, SmallRig manages to do just that by adding foldability to what’s typically a rigid product. By doing so, this brand has also added new dimensions in mobile filmmaking with a rig, since the Fold P10 can be transformed into different configurations to accommodate unique shooting styles.
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JOBY has announced four new accessories perfect for a wide range of video uses, from on-the-go vlogging to business conference calls. First, the GripTight Mount and Wall Mount simplify smartphone recording with MagSafe-compatible devices. Next, the 
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Most folks associate an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with storms and power outages. While backup power can keep your computer setup protected from summer storms, an uninterruptible power supply can also keep your costly equipment protected against brownouts, voltage spikes, electromagnetic, and radio frequency interference. But which UPS is right for your needs? Are you a gamer? Are you editing video footage? Maybe you’re an IT or data professional running servers, or a small business owner looking to protect your POS, computers, and
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Google knows tech, and the company brought its A-game to a lower price point with its latest true wireless in-ear headphones, the Pixel Buds A-Series. Available in clearly white and dark olive finishes, the Pixel Buds A-Series brings a slew of features from the popular Pixel Buds to create a cost-effective true wireless
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If you're shooting video with your Android mobile device and need to upgrade its sound capture quality, the RØDE VideoMic Me-C is well worth your consideration. This miniature, ultracompact shotgun mic plugs right into your Android smartphone or tablet via its USB Type-C connector, using the connection point as a mount, as well. Since it has a headphone port on the back of the body, you can monitor your audio to make sure it’s clean
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Expand your online impact by shooting your vlogs, livestreams, YouTube videos, and social media posts with new RØDE Vlogger Kits, complete packages designed specifically for hassle-free, high-quality audio and video recording to any smartphone. Get the Universal Kit for 3.5mm-equipped mobile phones, the iOS Edition for
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Here at B&H Photo, we're excited to announce the new Zhiyun-Tech SMOOTH-XS Kits, available in pink and white. They feature the SMOOTH-XS, a gimbal stabilizer and so much more. With an elegant design, the gimbal is small, fast, and easy to use. It incorporates advanced features that take
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DJI has announced its new OM 4 Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer, upgraded with a stronger motor and new intuitive software features. The more powerful motor provides better support for the latest multi-lens smartphones and for smoother operation in general, and it also does most of the initial balancing for you when you attach your phone.
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Capture steady action photos and videos for social media such as TikTok, Instagram, or other vlogs when you're on the go, with the new SMOOTH-X stabilizer from Zhiyun-Tech. The SMOOTH-X is so compact and lightweight that it folds down to fit in your pocket, yet it has all the features that you need in a smartphone stabilizer to record high-quality action visuals. The stabilizer comes in two attractive matte white and
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As each year goes by, smartphone cameras keep getting better, and this also means more and more people have access right at their fingertips to a powerful camera. Social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook wouldn’t be as big as they are without the proliferation of smartphone photography. Still, even with the impressive improvements that have put these mobile cameras in competition with traditional camera systems, there are times that they show their limitations. This is why many companies have been developing mobile photo
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Photographer David Flores shares six tips on how to take better smartphone photos. From composition to digital zoom to editing, learn about some of the techniques and apps that can improve the pics you take with your smartphone. We invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at
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Since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, smartphones have surged in popularity as tools for content creators. They are now mobile production studios, providing creators a platform to create, edit and distribute content. Whether you’re a podcaster, vlogger, filmmaker or journalist, smartphones allow you to record anywhere, immediately. In this B&H Event Space video, sponsored by Samson, Sean Meagher, Samson’s director of marketing, talks about the evolution of digital storytelling and mobile techniques, and discusses the latest in
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Do you have a pair of Shure SE earphones, but also an Android device without a headphone jack? If so, you’ll be thrilled to know the Shure makes a remote/in-line DAC for these earphones that sports a USB Type-C connection point, making it usable with Android devices! Called the Shure RMCE-USB, this cable sports a DAC that can handle audio resolutions and sample rates of up to 24-bit / 96 kHz, which is no slight feat for a