Shotgun Microphones

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Siya Zarrabi of @hopscotchtheglobe shares what he carries in his minimalist travel backpack. If you're looking to keep your production simple or just don't have the budget, Zarrabi has five tips for planning, filming, and editing that will lighten your load. 0:00 - Introduction 0:31 - Tip 1 1:25 - Tip 2 2:28 - Tip 3 3:08 - Tip 4 3:50 - Tip 5 How will you incorporate these tips into your travel production workflow? Let us know in the Comments section, below.
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Lavalier or shotgun microphone: which one should you use for your interview? There are pros and cons for each and in this B&H video, Gabriel Richards discusses the benefits and drawbacks so you can make an informed decision. 0:00 - Introduction 0:24 - Lav Microphones 1:51 - Shotgun Microphones 3:13 - Richards’
by Eric Calvi ·Posted 11/09/2022
Deity Microphones has announced the V-Mic D4, a hybrid analog/USB camera-mount shotgun microphone for content creators, run-and-gun videographers, livestreamers, and podcasters. The mic improves on the original V-Mic D3 with significant upgrades to the sound quality, shockmount, gain knob, wind protection, cable, and with the very cool addition of a USB-C port, all offered at a surprisingly affordable price.
by Robert Rives ·Posted 09/28/2022
Shooters looking to mount a favorite shotgun mic directly on the camera are going to be very pleased with Tascam’s CA-XLR2d series of camera-mount XLR microphone adapters. TASCAM offers three options: the CA-XLR2d-C is designed for use with select Canon cameras, the CA-XLR2d-F is for use with FUJIFILM cameras, and the
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Join Nick Brigadier as he discusses the specs, tests, and compares three of the Sony ECM shotgun microphones: the ECM-G1, ECM-B10, and ECM-B1M. See how these three mics sound when filming on the busy, noisy streets of New York, as well as how they compare to each other! The Sony ECM-G1 Ultracompact Camera-Mount Vlogger Shotgun Microphone is an on-camera microphone optimized for the content creator, since its small size and vibration-suppressing features work in a variety of situations.
by Robert Rives ·Posted 07/13/2022
Vloggers, YouTubers, and TikTok personalities searching for a cost-effective, camera-mountable shotgun mic are going to be thrilled to discover the new ECM-G1 Vlogger Shotgun Microphone from Sony. Not only is it the smallest and lightest model in the ECM on-camera shotgun series, the G1 also offers a 3.5mm output jack for use with a wide variety of DSLR and mirrorless cameras. And, of course, it's compatible with Sony's Multi-Interface
by Robert Rives ·Posted 06/14/2022
Sony photographers looking for a camera-mountable shotgun are going to be very excited about the new ECM-B10 Digital Shotgun Microphone, which takes full advantage of the digital interface in the company’s MI shoe and offers three switchable pick-up patterns, beamforming technology, and digital signal processing. ECM-B10
by Jordan Gallant ·Posted 12/15/2021
Lots of free time during the pandemic brought many budding content creators out of hibernation as they began to document their days and family milestones with a newfound voraciousness. As they upgraded their gear, they may have come to understand what numerous freelance filmmakers and hobbyists already discovered: The built-in microphones of DSLR cameras leave much to be desired. The Saramonic Vmic5 Pro endeavors to
by Eric Calvi ·Posted 11/23/2021
For more than 50 years, Rycote has leveraged its audio expertise to design and manufacture industry-leading windshield kits, shockmounts, and other accessories. The one thing the company hasn’t done was design and create its very own high-quality professional broadcast microphones—until now. The Rycote HC-15 and HC-22 Shotgun Microphones have an interference tube that provides a high-performing, all-purpose solution
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 08/04/2021
If you’re a vlogger who churns out online content—or someone who makes fast-paced vérité video with action cameras—ditch the low-quality audio that comes your camera’s microphone and pick up something tailor-made for your purposes: the V-Mic D4 Mini from Deity Microphones. This highly directional microphone makes use of an ingenious offset shockmount design to catch every nuance of your performance while staying out of the shot.
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 10/14/2022
Summer is here, so why not start a vlog indoors, comfortably shielded from the sun and all its unpleasant warmth? Obviously, you’ll need something to capture video, be it a camcorder, camera, smartphone, or tablet. What about the sound, though? Often overlooked by newcomers, the vlog’s audio quality really does matter and it makes a difference to your audience, even if they don’t know why some content sounds better than others. Thankfully, you need not attend an expensive masterclass to get clean, quality audio for your productions, because
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 03/30/2021
If you're shooting video with your Android mobile device and need to upgrade its sound capture quality, the RØDE VideoMic Me-C is well worth your consideration. This miniature, ultracompact shotgun mic plugs right into your Android smartphone or tablet via its USB Type-C connector, using the connection point as a mount, as well. Since it has a headphone port on the back of the body, you can monitor your audio to make sure it’s clean
by Eric Calvi ·Posted 01/19/2021
Comica Audio has announced the new Traxshot, a supercardioid transformable on-camera shotgun microphone offered as a budget-friendly, all-in-one solution for capturing clear-sounding audio on DSLR and mirrorless cameras, as well as smartphones. Comica Audio Traxshot The Traxshot
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Sennheiser, the company famous for its stellar line of industry-standard shotgun microphones, is releasing the MKE 200 ultracompact, on-camera mic for run-and-gun videographers, podcasters, and mobile journalists. Sennheiser MKE 200 Ultracompact Camera-