RED Cameras

by David Adler ·Posted 03/12/2018
If you ever wanted to upgrade to a RED Digital cinema camera, there is no better way than with the RED DIGITAL CINEMA Third-Party Trade-In Program. As a RED sales partner, B&H will accept trade-ins of select digital cinema cameras for up to a 25% discount on RED EPIC-W and RED SCARLET-W
by David Adler ·Posted 03/27/2018
One of the most attractive aspects of RED cameras is modularity. The latest DSMC2 camera models are especially flexible, enabling minimalist to “everything but the kitchen sink” configurations that are only limited by your imagination. Since the RED DSMC2 platform provides a blank slate to build a camera, I inquired of my coworkers to see how they would build out their RED camera from the myriad options offered here at B&H. I’ve also included my own thoughts at the end. Mary Latvis For owner/operators looking to purchase a RED DIGITAL