Recorders & Duplicators

by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 08/14/2023
The eagerly awaited updates to the most popular Atomos on-camera recording monitors are finally here: the new Ninja 5.2" Recording Monitor and Ninja Ultra 5.2" Recording Monitor. These impressive successors to the Ninja V and V+ are compact, rugged 5.2" monitors built for the rigors of production, providing a solid yet
by Stepan Andranikian ·Posted 08/15/2023
The monitoring process is a crucial element of any production―it offers directors and cinematographers a glimpse of what the end product will look like and allows them to make necessary adjustments efficiently and effectively. Without proper monitoring, frame composition will suffer, and mistakes made in the filming process will be more prevalent during post-production. It isn’t uncommon for inexperienced filmmakers to fall short of providing themselves with adequate monitoring solutions during the filmmaking process. Be it from budgetary
0 Views ·Posted 07/31/2023
What is “Camera To Cloud,” or CTC? How does it work when using Atomos's CONNECT and Shogun CONNECT? Nick reviews the specs of the CONNECT and Shogun CONNECT for us, and demonstrates how they can help simplify and streamline your workflow. 0:00 - Overview 0:33 - What is Camera To Cloud? 1:35 - Hardware 3:25 - Software & In-Studio Demo 6:06 - Is this for you? Are you ready to try the CONNECT or
0 Views ·Posted 07/09/2023
It’s clear teenage engineering's TP-7 Digital Tape Recorder has that wow factor. Not only is this digital tape recorder ultra-portable, but it also allows for hours of audio recording and doubles as a USB audio interface. Join Gabe Richards as he presents an overview of the TP-7’s features and how to use it. 0:00 - Introduction 1:02 - Physical Specs and Use 4:26 - How it Works 6:26 - More Complex Setups 7:39 - Final
0 Views ·Posted 07/06/2023
TASCAM has announced the DR-10L Pro, an updated version of its popular lavalier microphone and miniature recorder combo. The DR-10L Pro expands the original version's feature set by adding increased microSDXC capacity, extended battery life, optional Bluetooth capabilities, timecode support, and, best of all, 32-bit float recording capability. DR-10L Pro Because the recorder is tiny enough to hide right on your subject
0 Views ·Posted 04/03/2022
Jake Estes takes a quick look at the Tascam Portacapture X8 High-Resolution Multi-Track Handheld Recorder, featuring a large touchscreen, 32-bit float resolution to avoid clipping, and tailored modes for music, field, podcast, ASMR, and other voice-recording applications.  What are some of the feature you appreciate about this handheld recorder? List them in the Comments section, below.