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by Rich R ·Posted 02/03/2022
Designed primarily with gamers in mind, the new BenQ TK700 and X3000i projectors bring console video games, movies, and sports to the big screen in 4K UHD on-screen resolution via pixel-shift technology. Both projectors have high brightness outputs and are equipped with HDMI 2.0b inputs that support ultra-HD images and HDR to provide bright,
by Rich R ·Posted 01/04/2022
Announced at CES 2022, The Freestyle by Samsung is a projector that features a unique cylindrical design on a yoke stand, allowing you to project at nearly any angle. Despite looking more like a lighting fixture than a projector, The Freestyle has quite a few user-friendly features, including smart TV functionality via the onboard Tizen operating system, which also allows for voice control via Samsung Bixby and Amazon Alexa
by Rich R ·Posted 01/08/2020
Epson unveiled its new laser home theater projector at CES this week, the EF-100. Available in either white or black, it includes an adapter that provides Wi-Fi 5 connectivity, the Android TV operating system, and Google Assistant functionality. This adapter plugs directly into the projector’s sole HDMI port and is
by Rich R ·Posted 09/09/2019
The new school year is right around the corner, and there’s no better time to take your classrooms into the 21st Century by replacing that dusty, chalk-stained slab of slate at the front of the room with an interactive whiteboard solution. There are a lot to choose from, but hopefully this list will help you narrow it down. Projectors Epson’s BrightLink series of short- and
by Rich R ·Posted 06/01/2018
If you’re looking for an HDR UHD laser projector that is portable enough to use in multiple rooms, then look no further than the LG HU80KA. Its built-in hand grip makes it easy to move from one room to another, and the auto-reel power cord helps ensure that you won’t trip over it while doing so; automatic keystone correction makes setup in the new location quick and easy. For added versatility, the unique form factor of the HU80KA enables it to
by Rich R ·Posted 03/06/2018
Three new InFocus projectors have arrived, and with 5000 lumens of brightness or more, they’re sure to illuminate your presentations. Starting with the IN3144: it outputs 5000 lumens and features XGA 1024 x 768 resolution for text and graphics. It sports a 1.83 to 2.75:1 throw ratio, which enables images up to 270" diagonal from about 33' from your display surface, allowing you to place the projector far in the back of the room, where it won’t
by Max Waldroop ·Posted 08/11/2017
Most projectors need to be positioned far away from the screen to produce large images, but short-throw models, like the MX825ST and MW826ST, from BenQ, can be placed much closer to accommodate small spaces. The 3300-lumen MX825ST has a 0.61:1 throw ratio, meaning that every foot of screen width requires it to be placed 0.61 feet farther back. Capable
by Rich R ·Posted 06/05/2017
UHD 4K resolution, HDR10 compatibility, and 3000 lumens of brightness are the standout features of the recently announced Optoma UHD60 projector. It can project images up to 140" at 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, or up to 302.2" at lower resolutions. Combine 4K resolution with HDR10 compatibility and the right media source and content, and you get vibrant colors with nearly lifelike detail. Its brightness and 1,000,000:1 dynamic
by Patrick Chiang ·Posted 03/04/2016
Bring your keynotes and presentations to life with the Xcellon Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer and Mouse Control. This wireless handheld controller is equipped with a laser pointer and features multiple functions that imitate mouse and keyboard commands, simplifying presentations and eliminating distractions
by Peter Ward_1 ·Posted 01/26/2016
Grandview is likely to have the screen you need in the size you want, whether it’s for mobile use, in the office, or at home. Grandview's comprehensive line of projection screens includes options from just about every projection genre—fixed-frame screens great for home theater or fixed installation setups; manual and motorized pull-down screens that keep politely out of
by Michael Antonoff ·Posted 11/05/2015
What is a projection screen and what is it used for?   A projection screen is a large reflective surface, usually white, that’s typically hung on a wall in a room at some distance in front of any type of digital or film projector for the purposes of entertainment, training, education, or sales presentation. Compared to a bare wall, a projection screen affords higher reflectivity, resulting in a brighter picture. A screen also bestows a more uniform image surface and truer color rendition. Still, there are special paints that can be applied to