Pro Video Lenses

by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 01/20/2022
Tokina has just announced the release two new members of its Cinema Vista line of full-frame lenses. The 21mm and 29mm lenses fill in the gaps in the wide end of the series, so now you can more easily get the frame you need for the shot without having to move the camera drastically or noticeably shift the perspective of the taking lens, which makes for smoother edits.   21mm and 29mm from Tokina's Cinema Vista line As
by Mary Latvis ·Posted 12/23/2021
ZEISS lenses have long been renowned for capturing sharp, accurate imagery for still photo and cinematographic applications. As some manufacturers continue to blur the line between still photo and digital cinema cameras, ZEISS has introduced several lens series that are ideal for content creators who are moving from stills to video or who work in both mediums. The lenses in these Batis,
0 Views ·Posted 11/16/2021
Once again, DZOFilm delivers new options for high-production-value cinematography, and we at B&H Photo are excited to announce the two new full-frame zoom lenses in the DZOFilm Catta series. Available in white and suitable for narrative, commercial, live, and documentary filmmaking, these cinema-style  interchangeable-mount zoom lenses are available in Canon RF, Leica L, Sony E, Fuji X, and Nikon Z mounts, allowing you to swap  mounts and mount them natively on most cameras
by Mary Latvis ·Posted 11/12/2021
Bring the sweet allure of Leitz lenses to your full-frame cine footage using the new Leitz ELSIE Cine Prime Lenses. This group of LPL-mount premium lenses was created expressly for use with digital cinema cameras yet retains the renowned painterly characteristics of the Leica M line. Named in honor of Elsie Kuhn-Leitz, the daughter of Ernst Leitz II, the ELSIEs use a subtle fall-off in resolution and illumination to draw the viewer’s attention to the center of your
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 07/29/2021
ARRI has once again expanded the filmmaking landscape with the new Hi-5 Hand Control Unit, and we here at B&H Photo are happy to announce it. This is ARRI’s 5th-generation hand control unit, and an exciting leap forward in functionality. While it may look like a simple controller for a wireless lens control system, don’t be fooled―the Hi-5 is a sophisticated filmmaking tool designed to be robust enough to work in the field, and flexible enough to handle many a situation that has defeated other wireless control systems in the past. The Hi-5
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 04/22/2021
The Studio at B&H is happy to share with you the announcement of 10 new lenses and 4 lens sets that are joining the ZEISS Supreme Prime lens family, expanding the range and providing you with even more creative choices. The new lenses are mostly part of the Supreme Radiance Prime lens lineup, adding 18,
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 01/11/2021
We here at B&H Photo are happy to share with you the news of the newest member of Tokina’s Cinema Vista line of full-frame lenses: the 65mm T1.5. Sharing the same features with other lenses in the lineup that make the Cinema Vistas an excellent choice for full-frame or VistaVision origination, the 65mm has the same robust build and quality, with a T1.5 maximum aperture and a 9-blade iris to deliver consistent exposure between lenses, thus avoiding relighting when swapping lenses, as well as maintaining the same pleasing bokeh. The lens
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 11/20/2020
Although the Canon Cine lens selection is just a small part of Canon’s overall lens lineup, these lenses deliver significant advantages for those who work in the cine side of things. Whether you are working with Canon’s Cine EOS line of cameras, a high-end digital cine camera, or even cameras such as Canon’s C70, The Cine EOS line of lenses has something to offer. The Basics First, let’s go over the basics of cinema-style lenses, to point out why they are made the way they are, and how that helps you shoot your best. Prime Prime lenses, or
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 10/29/2020
If you’ve already picked up a set of Pictor parfocal zoom lenses from DZOFilm, its new line of cinema prime lenses will complete your production set. The new DZOFilm VESPID prime lenses include 25, 35, 50, 75,100, 125mm, and 90mm macro models with a PL mount and an EF mount option. Each prime lens features a fast T2.1 aperture and a 16-blade iris to produce
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 09/23/2020
It is an exciting day for us here at B&H, as we get to announce the new Signature Zoom lenses from ARRI. Matching the look and feel of the Signature Prime lenses, while supporting up to 8K resolution, the Signature Zooms consist of four lenses that cover a focal-length range of 16 to 300mm, each with a consistent T2.8 throughout the zoom range.
by John Harris ·Posted 09/02/2020
FUJIFILM has announced the development of a new wide-angle zoom lens for its Premista line of cine lenses, which are designed for large format video and film cameras. The FUJINON Premista 19-45mm T2.9 lens will join the Premista 28-100mm and
by Mary Latvis ·Posted 08/20/2020
Banish those end-of-summer blues by treating yourself to some new cine-style lenses from Rokinon and Samyang! These Rokinon T1.5 DSX High-Speed Cine and Samyang T1.5 VDSLR Mark 2 lenses will be available soon at B&H Photo in 24, 35, 50, and 85mm focal lengths with a 14mm version due early in 2021. Designed to cover full-frame sensors, these primes are compatible with a wide range of cine-style, DSLR, and mirrorless cameras. Choose from Rokinon Cine DSX Canon EF,
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 07/10/2020
Add a set of solid zoom lenses to your cinema rig for the studio, documentary, or field productions with the new Pictor 20 to 55mm and 50 to 125mm zoom lenses, from DzoFilms. Both lenses feature a 31.1mm image circle that is large enough to cover up to Super 35 sensors and a wide range of cinema cameras.
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 05/06/2020
Making waves in the digital cinema space for many years is Canon, including the now-legendary 5D Mark II, which started a revolution in the industry. Now, the company is focusing on making the best equipment for creators and filmmakers. Recent examples include the EOS C300 Mark III, C500 Mark II, and the upcoming EOS R5. All offer incredible feature sets and are bound to be popular options in the filmmaking community. Check out some highlights below: Boneyard Ballet
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 04/20/2020
Just when you needed something to look forward to, Canon leads the way with its new Canon C300 Mark III camera in EF mount and new 25-250mm zoom lens. Topping the list of improvements over the C300 Mark II is the new sensor. Canon's DGO Dual Gain Output Super 35mm sensor provides more than 16 stops of dynamic range, further protecting the highlights, while still seeing deep into the shadows.