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by Eric Calvi ·Posted
Good news for on-the-go content creators, journalists, and videographers—Shure has expanded its rock-solid SLXD rackmount wireless microphone lineup to include a portable, camera-mount single-channel receiver and a plug-on transmitter for any XLR microphone. Now you can put the SLXD’s tried-and-true technology to work in the field. And with versatile powering options for bag users, intuitive set up, high spectral efficiency, leading digital-audio technology, and a rugged, durable design, you can record professional-sounding audio directly to
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Protect your data and stay connected to what matters most with APC’s new Back-UPS battery backup series. APC Back-UPS system The Back-UPS battery system provides backup power and surge protection for all your important electronics, including home and office networking equipment, gaming consoles, and power-hungry devices like PCs
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For landscape photographers, having the right equipment is everything. You want gear that is lightweight, rugged, and easy to travel with. Multipurpose gear that has a variety of practical applications when you’re out in the field never hurts either. If you are a landscape photographer or buying a gift for one, we have some great product recommendations for every budget. $5-$50 Gifts 1. Multitools are a photographer’s best friend, especially out in the field. Vello’s
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Big transitions, like leaving for school, can be difficult for many of us. But with the right products, you can bring the creature comforts and security of home to college. As anticipation for the new academic year mounts, consider some of our suggestions as potential parting gifts to ensure the college student in your life is set up for success.  The Basics In many of today’s courses, especially for students interacting with storage-demanding multimedia, a hard drive is considered a necessity. For new students, a good storage device can
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Did you know that power cords and surge protectors have a limited lifespan? It’s true! With continuous use, these products gradually become less effective, so you should try to replace them every 3–5 years. If this is a shock (ha ha), you’re not alone. There are a lot of not-so-obvious dos and don’ts when it comes to electrical safety, so let’s review with a surge protector and power strip rundown.       Safety Basics We’ll start with some basic information about power cords and work our way into the nitty gritty. What is the difference
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If you haven’t yet heard about gallium nitride (GaN) charging technology, you soon will. The secret behind a new generation of smaller yet more efficient chargers and power bricks, GaN technology is the obvious successor to today’s ubiquitous silicon chargers, and for good reason. What is GaN technology? GaN is a material that was initially used to manufacture certain types of LEDs and LED screens in the early 1990s. Back then, GaN technology was also used to develop a type of blue laser that was used in certain media consoles. If you’ve ever
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This is the time of the year that we give and receive great gifts… and if you’re anywhere near the letters “B” and “H” in your Internet searches, you’ll probably be looking at electronics in some shape or form. Sadly, as great as all those electronic gadgets are, they tend to be hungry for power and you need to give some consideration to protecting them and all the information you cram into them. So, for your consideration, here is some gear to help you prepare for the inevitable storms that can wreak havoc on your electronics. Power First up
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The holidays are here, which means it’s time to unfurl those shopping lists, unfreeze your credit cards, and cast aside any concerns about cost or consequence. However, if you’re not feeling so cavalier with your capital—fear not. We’ve compiled a list of 50 great gifts, all under $50. We’re talking stocking stuffers, high-quality bargain-buys, and all-around great gear for a price that won’t cause your credit score to V-fib. Nothing’s worse than your phone (or tablet) dying while you’re out and about. That’s why the