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Join Westcott Top Pro Ian Spanier for an in-depth look at preparing for a photo shoot, from start to finish. Spanier shares his tips, from how to scout locations to his photo-editing workflow. 0:00 - Introduction 4:52 - Presentation Overview 7:28 - Tips from the Start 11:03 - Location and Setup 27:14 - Post-Photoshoot Plan 33:22 - Editing the Photo 1:01:15 - Final Tips/Thoughts Did you find these tips helpful? Let us know in the Comments section, below.
by Trevor Collins ·Posted 04/10/2023
When Neumann launched its KH 120 studio monitors 12 years ago, the response from the press and professionals was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Now, Neumann is proud to announce an update to its line of celebrated near-field monitors, the KH 120-II, which comes in four distinct flavors: KH 120 II US, KH 120 II W,
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For artists and photographers who make their art on paper, a key consideration is how it will be displayed later. In this B&H video, Barrie Lynn Bryant demonstrates viable options for artists and photographers to use for displaying their works with the art of framing. 0:00 - Introduction 1:30 - Bryant’s Intro 5:36 - Frame History 8:03 - Displaying Your Work with the Community 11:21 - Studying Framing 18:47 - Printing and Shrink Wrapping 21:10 - What Goes into Framing 29:50 - Printing on a Prism Jet Printer 32:02 - When to Use a Picture
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If you dread culling thousands of images, or just want to save time in post-production, watch as AfterShoot co-founder Justin Benson demonstrates how AfterShoot will cut your workflow time in half. Using new AI technology, AfterShoot categorizes your images by blinks, blurs, and duplicate photos, while also suggesting the best images for you to begin editing. 0:00 - Introduction 2:50 - Justin's Career: Putting AfterShoot Together 5:48 - What is AfterShoot Looking At? 9:23 - The Beginning of AfterShoot 17:50 - AfterShoot In-App Support 20:48
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It’s time to edit your film! In this tutorial, Jake Estes demonstrates a basic video-editing workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro, for a more efficient experience. Have you gained some insights from this series? Tell us about it, in the Comments section, below. 0:00 - Introduction 0:43 - Organization 3:20 - Syncing Audio and Video 7:31 - Make it Look and Sound Pretty 10:32 - Narrative Continuity (How to Cut) 12:26 - Final Thoughts Watch the entire series:
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A little goes a long way when it comes to color grading. Dean Peterson shows you how to color-grade RAW footage in a way that visually tells the story you want. Peterson color-grades this video to look cinematic and dramatic; however, these tips can apply to any look you desire! 0:00 - Introduction 0:31 - Adding LUT & Initial Adjustments 5:49 - Power Windows, Skin Tones, and Qualifiers 12:05 - Storytelling Through Color 15:31 - Soften and Glow 19:21 - Grain 21:07 - Adjustments 23:45 - Before and After (Showing Each Step) 26:03 - Final
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Are you new to color correcting LOG footage? It seems intimidating, but take a deep breath. In this B&H Online video, Dean Peterson walks you through the steps to color-correct flat footage in DaVinci Resolve, including instances when the white balance is very cool. You'll be a professional colorist in no time! For more information, be sure to watch How to Film in LOG: A Beginner's Guide. 0:00 - Introduction 0:31 - Exposure 3:46 - White
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Once your photoshoot is done, it’s time to choose your images and prep them for retouching! Headshot photographer Peter Hurley goes through his post shoot workflow, step by step. What are your takeaways from this video? How will you be incorporating elements of Peter’s process into your own? Engage with us in the Comments, below. Want to learn more from Peter Hurley? Watch the rest of the episodes in this series:
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There is no better example of the inspirational saying, “If you can see it, you can be it,” than in the grassroots efforts of the community-based arts program Newburgh Community Photo Project (NCPP). Founded in 2017 by photographer, educator, and community activist Vincent Cianni, NCPP teaches photography and related media to an underserved population of Newburgh youth, with a goal to explore critical social justice issues directly related to participants’ lives and community. In our second story on notable youth photo programs, Cianni
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For digital photographers, a well-calibrated and accurate photography monitor is an indispensable tool for a solid practice. Whether you like to print your photos or share exclusively online, a photo monitor you can trust will make a big difference in how someone views your photographs, yourself included. Besides just helping to achieve accurate colors and contrast, a finely tuned monitor is also more enjoyable to work on and contributes to a seamless all-around workflow. When looking for a monitor, you should consider size and resolution as
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One of the best things about shooting film is the complete control you have over the process, from film choice and exposure to development and either scanning or printing. We spend a lot of time focusing on the different films you can use and then a lot of time on how to produce your finished images from that film, but there’s general oversight on the development stage. I’m certainly guilty of not paying much attention to developing since it’s become a more automated, mindless process for me in recent years, but every once in a while, I like
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Ever wanted to create your own cinematic sound effects? In this video, AB shows you how he creates Foley sound effects at home utilizing household objects. For a deeper dive into sound in film, turn to AB's Filmmaking for Beginners: 5 Basic Elements of Film Sound. Then check out these other At-Home videos for more ways to help you stay creative at home.
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In this video, AB breaks down the five basic elements of film sound: dialogue, background or ambient sound, sound effects, Foley, and music. Did you know that most of the movies and shows you watch contain sound that wasn't recorded at the time of the shoot? Learn these and other interesting facts about filmmaking by clicking into our Audio for Video Series. Questions or comments? Send them to us just below, in the Comments section.
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In this Adobe Premiere Pro CC tutorial, AB shows you how to edit audio. His audio editing tips include how to add submix tracks, how to remove background noise, and more! You can find more editing tips and techniques here.
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Whether you’re looking for an opportunity in commercial photography or seeking out creative photography ideas, this tutorial is for you! We teach you how to create paint cloud photos, from photo shoot to Photoshop. Also check out these other At-Home videos for more ways to help you stay creative at home.