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In this video, Monica Sigmon explains how powerful family portraits can be. If you want to learn how to brand and price your work properly, plan your photoshoots, run your studio, and more, let Sigmon be your guide. What is your process for taking family portraits? Tell us about the gear and lighting you prefer in the Comments section, below. 0:00 - Clayton Singleton, "I See You" 2:59 - About Sigmon’s Work 6:33 - The Power of a Portrait 8:01 - Having an Investment-Worthy Product 16:25 - The Processes 25:19 - Confidence 31:42 - Pricing 37:02
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Photographers instinctively seek light. In this video, Joe McNally shares stories from his career and the incredible effort he puts into lighting an image. 0:00 - Introduction 5:39 - McNally's History with Light 9:43 - Light that Looks Natural 13:15 - No Place for Fancy Light 13:58 - Nervous Light 14:27 - The Valley of the Gels 18:58 - Hard Light 22:34 - Soft Light 25:21 - Lots of Light 28:32 - Same Subject, Different Light 30:47 - Fashion Light 40:56 - Light in Difficult Places 42:09 - Quick Light 43:45 - Light Shapes Character 48:17 - Day
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Marina Williams (@marinawphoto) presents what she considers to be the three most important tips for taking more creative portraits. She goes into detail about how she draws inspiration and maintains authenticity, and she explains the importance of intentionality. 0:00 - Introduction 1:11 – Williams’s Work 7:59 - Overview 9:28 - Drawing Inspiration 17:01 - Planning and Being Intentional 28:35 - Directing Poses 40:25 - Q&A Watch more presentations from
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In this video, Marina Williams (@marinawphoto) shares five tips on how to pose people in unique ways to achieve more interesting portraits. 0:00 - Introduction 0:11 - Tip 1 0:47 - Tip 2 1:06 - Tip 3 1:24 - Tip 4 1:56 - Tip 5 2:15 - 5 Tips
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Portrait photographer Tati Bruening shares strategies that every photographer should know when it comes to marketing their business via social media, on platforms such as Instagram or Tik Tok. 0:00 - Introduction 0:17 - Aspect Ratio 0:38 - Your Audience 1:25 - Content Ideas 2:21 - Foster a Community 3:15 - Posting Frequency 3:39 - Final Thoughts
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Take a behind-the-scenes look at Mark Seliger's Oscar Photo Studio for Vanity Fair. For this photoshoot, Seliger focused on expression, emotion, and lighting. Join him as he describes the experience, from start to finish! 0:00 - About the Photo Studio 1:13 - The Photoshoot 4:20 - Next Year
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When wedding, portrait, and event photos are required outside of the studio, you often need to bring portable lighting kits. As we all know, houses of worship and event spaces are rarely lighting friendly to the wedding shooter and portrait photographer. While we all wish we had enough hired help to lug full-sized lights and heavy C-stands to our locations, portable light kits help photographers get the shots their clients demand without requiring pack
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Photographers are constantly searching for ways to improve their workflow while maintaining creative control of their vision. Join Sony Artisan of Imagery Mike Colón as he talks about what can be outsourced, how to produce consistent content, and how to stay confident.  0:00 - Introduction 1:12 - What is Colón’s Creative Process? 11:50 - Trying to Be Confident While Feeling the Pressure 25:58 - Outsourcing and Marketing Yourself 34:45 - Selecting and Posting Content 38:04 - Being Confident and Owning Your Style 45:12 - Processing Photos 53:38
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Canon Explorer of Light Roberto Valenzuela shares five tips that will help you out of your creative rut and improve the quality of your portraiture. Changing your mindset around lens choice, lighting, and framing, to name at least these three variables, will help you take better portraits! 0:00 - Introduction 0:24 - Tip 1 0:55 - Tip 2 1:39 - Tip 3 2:23 - Tip 4 3:47 - Tip 5 5:26 - More from Valenzuela
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In this B&H video, photography legend Mark Seliger shares stories from his career photographing musical artists such as Nirvana, LL Cool J, Neil Young, the Spice Girls, Snoop Dog, and many more. 0:00 – Seliger’s Stories 44:48 – Q&A Learn more about B&H Depth of Field.
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Flo Ngala takes captivating portraits of strangers that tell a person’s story in a short amount of time. In this B&H Event Space video, she breaks down her thought processes into the technical, psychological, and social sides when taking photos. 0:00 - Ngala’s Work 6:05 - Ngala’s Process 6:28 - The Technical Side 11:04 - The Psychological Side 21:01 - The Social Side 31:17 - There is Only One You! 32:33 - Q&A Learn more about B&H Depth of Field.
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Profoto’s latest light-shaping tools introduce even more creative possibilities to the portable Clic ecosystem. Designed with wedding, event, and other location photographers in mind, the new collection includes a pair of octa softboxes with grids, as well as the Clic Magnum.
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Celebrity photojournalist Flo Ngala has captures authentic portraits in fast-paced and high-pressure situations. Ini this B&H video, she shares tips that range from the technical side (such as aperture) to the social side (getting your subject to laugh) to help you improve your photography. 0:00 - Introduction 0:26 - Conversation is Key 1:13 - Depth of Field 2:42 - Prime Lenses 3:38 - Black-and-White Photography 4:52 - Invisible Axis 6:19 - Bonus Tip 7:23 - Final Thoughts
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The equipment used by fashion photographers varies considerably, depending on what is being photographed and who is behind the camera. In general, the kit requirements for documenting a fashion show are more standardized than those for creating editorials. There are successful fashion photographers who can fit all of their gear in a single bag—and others who require an entire equipment truck. This article is aimed at photographers getting started with fashion productions. Photographers interested in capturing runway should read Theanos Nikitas
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Watch this B&H video, and learn how fine art photographer Anya Anti retouches her surreal and dreamy photos using Adobe Photoshop. Anti shares tips about aspects of her photos such as her workflow, cleaning up her backgrounds, how to deal with facial complexion, and more. 0:00 - Introduction 0:25 - Tip 1 1:26 - Tip 2 3:20 - Tip 3 4:10 - Tip 4 4:48 - Tip 5 5:20 - Final Thoughts Click here to watch how Anti plans and