Portable Power Stations

by Rebecca Melville ·Posted
Big transitions, like leaving for school, can be difficult for many of us. But with the right products, you can bring the creature comforts and security of home to college. As anticipation for the new academic year mounts, consider some of our suggestions as potential parting gifts to ensure the college student in your life is set up for success.  The Basics In many of today’s courses, especially for students interacting with storage-demanding multimedia, a hard drive is considered a necessity. For new students, a good storage device can
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Did you know that power cords and surge protectors have a limited lifespan? It’s true! With continuous use, these products gradually become less effective, so you should try to replace them every 3–5 years. If this is a shock (ha ha), you’re not alone. There are a lot of not-so-obvious dos and don’ts when it comes to electrical safety, so let’s review with a surge protector and power strip rundown.       Safety Basics We’ll start with some basic information about power cords and work our way into the nitty gritty. What is the difference
by Morgan Lyle ·Posted
Portable electric and electronic devices enhance our work and play, but only when there’s electricity to power them. There’s a wide range of equipment designed to store power, or to convert solar energy into electricity, to extend the time we can spend un-plugged-in. Whether it’s an extra charge or two for your smartphone, a boost for a navigator in the back country, or portable power stations that permit the use of household appliances and tools during blackouts, B&H has the gear you need. Here are few examples of modern technology
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It should come as no surprise to anyone that cold weather results in diminished battery effectiveness. Unfortunately, you likely learned this from the experience of having a dead car battery on a bitter winter morning or just through the rapid decline of your smartphone’s battery as the temperate starts to drop. There are some steps you can take to help yourself—and your batteries—make it through brutal winter days. Keep Batteries Warm One of the simplest ways to improved battery performance in cold weather is simple: keep them warm. Going
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Good news for DJI owners: Energen has released two portable power packs that allow you to recharge your drone batteries anywhere, anytime. The first of these chargers is the DroneMax M10, which is specifically designed for Mavic Pro owners. The M10 holds enough juice to fully recharge a Mavic Pro battery more than two times over. In terms of speed, it can recharge your battery 20% faster than generic chargers. Even better, it can power