Portable LED Lights

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Siya Zarrabi of @hopscotchtheglobe shares what he carries in his minimalist travel backpack. If you're looking to keep your production simple or just don't have the budget, Zarrabi has five tips for planning, filming, and editing that will lighten your load. 0:00 - Introduction 0:31 - Tip 1 1:25 - Tip 2 2:28 - Tip 3 3:08 - Tip 4 3:50 - Tip 5 How will you incorporate these tips into your travel production workflow? Let us know in the Comments section, below.
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When wedding, portrait, and event photos are required outside of the studio, you often need to bring portable lighting kits. As we all know, houses of worship and event spaces are rarely lighting friendly to the wedding shooter and portrait photographer. While we all wish we had enough hired help to lug full-sized lights and heavy C-stands to our locations, portable light kits help photographers get the shots their clients demand without requiring pack
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Godox has unveiled the AD300Pro Outdoor Flash, a compact and versatile 300Ws strobe equipped for studio or location work. Adding to the trend of lightweight feature-packed strobes, the AD300Pro weighs only 2.76 lb while boasting wireless triggering, TTL capabilities, high-speed sync, and an adjustable LED light.
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Jake Estes tells you all about the Lume Cube 2.0, a portable LED photo/video light. Building on the first-generation Lume Cube, the 2.0 has more accurate color rendering, a 90-minute battery life at 100%, and a new low-light mode for adjusting output in 1% increments for creative long-exposure photography.   Learn more at B&H Explora .