Portable Keyboard Controller

by Andrew Eisele ·Posted
Novation has always been in the forefront of MIDI controller technology. The first version of the Remote SL promised a supreme command over your chosen DAW, complete with scribble scripts and a smart programming interface, which allowed you to control not only software, but hardware MIDI devices, as well. Novation has been pushing the boundaries of controller technology with its flagship SL MK3 MIDI controller, which adds a boatload of advanced features and functions, but with a premium price tag. So, what’s a struggling musician supposed to
by Staff Writer ·Posted
Here in the Pro Audio department at B&H, we're pleased to announce Novation’s latest round of USB MIDI controllers, the Launchpad Mini MK3 with 64 RGB pads, and the essential Launchpad X, with large RGB velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads, both of which can help you make music efficiently and expressively. The