portable audio recorder

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Attention haters, prepare to troll! Boutique audio gadget maker Teenage Engineering is back with another stunningly beautiful product that offers a uniquely tactile experience for discerning creators: the TP-7 Digital Tape Recorder. This ultra-compact gem is designed to handle a wide range of recording duties and fits perfectly into the TE field lineup of pocket-sized audio gear with a
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The new Sound Devices 833 Portable Compact Mixer-Recorder has much of the same tech as in its Scorpio, which the company made clear was its top-of-the-line flagship, launched into the world for all who needed it. The 833 is more compact, sports fewer channels, and takes a lighter toll on your
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In the following video, Rob Rives gets his hands on the Sony PCM-D100 High Resolution Audio Portable Recorder and demonstrates the sound quality it is capable of capturing with its built-in stereo microphones. Rives explores the functions and features of the PCM-D100, including its multiple digital audio format recording capability, and 24-bit/192kHz PCM and 2.8MHz DSD. The video showcases the way the recorder sounds when capturing
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In the third and final episode in our series dedicated to helping DSLR shooters improve the audio quality of their video productions, we take a look at some dual-system solutions. “Dual systems” means we use an entirely separate device to record our audio. Included in the gear discussed are various portable audio recorders (including the new Zoom H6), field recorders, and even a camera-mountable microphone with an integrated flash recorder (the