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On the plug-in side, it wouldn't be a proper NAMM without Steven Slate announcing new plug-ins for his upcoming... slate (sorry). This year, the digital impresario doesn't disappoint, because he's announcing four new additions into the fold—additions that, we at B&H, are happy to welcome. First is Lustrous Plates, fashioned in conjunction with Liquid Sonics. Using Temporal Acoustic Spectral Mapping, Lustrous Plates recreates seven classic plate reverbs in painstaking detail, down to the apparent depth of their decay times. This technology
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Let us face facts: where once the cost of entry to edit and finish a piece professionally was so high that it discouraged many from even trying, and it supported expensive “On-Line” finishing rooms containing millions of dollars of gear that required you to pay an hourly fee for the room and the operator, now you can download an edit system for little cost, and edit and finish your piece on a laptop notebook. Non-linear editing systems (NLEs) have become incredibly powerful, with many high-end systems incorporating audio, as well as color
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The name Weiss should spark excitement in the minds of audio engineers around the world. For more than two decades, the Weiss DS1 hardware processor has been synonymous with premium compression, limiting, and de-essing for mastering. The only problem? The $10,000 price. Thanks to Softube, the inimitable quality and versatility of the DS1-MK3 (the DS1's third iteration) is now available in plug-in form! Going beyond emulation, Softube painstakingly ported each line of code from the DS1-MK3 to create a true recreation officially licensed and
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Designed specifically for mastering engineers, Apogee has announced its forthcoming 2x6 Special Edition AD/DA module for the flagship Symphony I/O MKII audio interface. The 2x6 SE takes advantage of the latest advancements in the digital audio technology, such as line level inputs with 124 dB(A) of dynamic range and a THD+N of -116 dB, while the line level outputs boast a dynamic range of 131 dB(A) and a remarkably low THD+N of -118
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Once upon a time, a decent plug-in for pro audio purposes might set you back more than a couple of hundred bucks (to say nothing of software bundles, which could easily run you into the thousands). But we’ve seen a drastic reduction in price for stellar software over the last few years—even from companies that used to charge in amounts heretofore measured in bodily appendages. Since you no longer need to spend an arm and a leg for excellent audio processing, we think the time is right to compile a list of plug-ins now suitable to present as
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In the following video, Rob Rives demonstrates Universal Audio’s next-generation Apollo Thunderbolt 2 audio interfaces (Thunderbolt 2 lets you connect to the latest hi-res displays and doubles the bandwidth of the original Thunderbolt by offering 20 Gb/s of speed via two channels in both directions). This video showcases the three rackmount models, including the Apollo 8,
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Native Instruments is well known for its large selection of virtual instruments and effects processors. In this extensive hands-on review video, Rob Rives, of B&H, takes a look at all the new plug-ins in the Komplete 10 Ultimate bundle, many of which are also available in the standard Komplete 10 bundle. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other