Photography Strobes

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It’s likely that everyone reading this has used, or at the very least heard of, Adobe’s ubiquitous piece of software called Photoshop. But are you familiar with the very first—and perhaps the most eccentric—of the evangelists working behind that magic curtain? Well, you’re about to meet him today, in our latest podcast featuring pioneers of photography and imaging. As Adobe employee number 38, graphic designer Russell Preston Brown was in the room when brothers Thomas and John Knoll showed up to demonstrate a new piece of software, in 1988.
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Nanlite has cranked up the power of the Forza line of monolight-style LEDs with the new, daylight-balanced Forza 720 and bicolor 720B. The new lights feature the same build quality and customization options as their predecessors, while rivaling the output of
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Godox has expanded its lighting options with three new LEDs and a power pack. Still and video shooters will want to check out the compact and versatile TL30 RGB LED Tube Light, as well as the mono-light style SL100D Daylight LED Video Light and
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Lighting is one of the most important tools a photographer can have, which is why lighting accessories can make excellent gifts for photographers of all skill levels. But if you’re a new photographer or giving a gift to one, knowing what to get can be difficult. We have assembled a list of lighting gifts we'd recommend, especially for newbies, so you can hone your lighting skills with some of our favorite introductory accessories. The Intro 2-Light Kit Lighting kits are a great choice for new photographers because they include everything you
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Bringing more power, yet still retaining portability, Godox has just announced the newest member of its popular system of strobes: the AD1200 Pro. As you’d expect, this is a 1200Ws strobe, but differing from previous AD-family lights, this model is the first to use a separate power pack and cabled flash head design. Even though this is a design that would look at home in a studio, Godox is using a replaceable 2600mAh lithium-ion battery
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Subject and style may vary, but consistency is a quality shared by all successful photo studios. When working indoors, that begins with lighting. Strobes remain the bread and butter of many still photography studios. Unlike natural light, which can be finicky and unpredictable; on-camera flashes, which are not typically designed for studio use; or continuous lights, which can become costly as output increases; strobes are
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Masterful light isn’t necessarily about being complicated…it’s about control. Chris Knight shares some of his favorite ways to shape one light to achieve stunning results from some classic techniques as well as some surprising new ones. Learn to make light work for you to achieve your vision in the simplest ways possible and make your images come to life. Chris Knight Photography