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Portrait photographer Tati Bruening shares strategies that every photographer should know when it comes to marketing their business via social media, on platforms such as Instagram or Tik Tok. 0:00 - Introduction 0:17 - Aspect Ratio 0:38 - Your Audience 1:25 - Content Ideas 2:21 - Foster a Community 3:15 - Posting Frequency 3:39 - Final Thoughts
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Photographers are constantly searching for ways to improve their workflow while maintaining creative control of their vision. Join Sony Artisan of Imagery Mike Colón as he talks about what can be outsourced, how to produce consistent content, and how to stay confident.  0:00 - Introduction 1:12 - What is Colón’s Creative Process? 11:50 - Trying to Be Confident While Feeling the Pressure 25:58 - Outsourcing and Marketing Yourself 34:45 - Selecting and Posting Content 38:04 - Being Confident and Owning Your Style 45:12 - Processing Photos 53:38
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Join Michael Taylor, Sony Artisan Monica Sigmon, Tim and Bev Walden, and Rod Evans in this final part of the series as they discuss how to close sales. They also share tips on the selection appointments with your clients. Check out the other parts of the series:Part 1Part 2
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Join Michael Taylor, Sony Artisan Monica Sigmon, Tim and Bev Walden, and Rod Evans in Part 2 of “Tools for a Successful Portrait Business” as they discuss their styles and give tips on how to refine your own style. 0:00 - Introduction 2:13 - Message from Tim and Bev Walden 11:54 – The Waldens’ work 15:03 – Evans’ Style 20:51 - How to Define Your Style 29:01 – Evans’ Work 34:27 - Influence vs. Copy 37:44 – Sigmon’s Style and Work 42:25 – Taylor’s Style and Work 58:49: - Step Back and View the Work as a Whole 1:02:46 - Final Thoughts Check out
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Join Michael Taylor, Sony Artisan Monica Sigmon, Tim and Bev Walden, and Rod Evans as they share their insight and vast knowledge of the industry to provide portrait photographers with the necessary tools to build a successful business. In this first session they discuss branding. 0:00 - Introduction 5:25 - Discover Your Brand 23:42 - Market Location 27:03 - Expand Your Offerings and Find What Your Passion 33:34 - How to Make Your Brand Stand Out 38:53 - Running a Business from your Home or on the Road 46:00 - How to Transition to Different
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No matter where you are in your photography career, getting your work noticed and gaining new clients is always a struggle. Commercial and portrait photographer João Carlos discusses his “12 Steps to Get Business,” with topics such as: finding and auditioning for exhibits, submitting your work for awards and recognition, setting up an eStore to merchandise your portfolio, using social media to market yourself, and streamlining your workflow with data storage solutions. 0:00 - Introduction 2:20 - 12 Steps to Get Business 54:14 - Gear List 1:13
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Sandra Coan believes in utilizing social media as a marketing tool, but not as a way to sell to your current and potential clients. In this B&H Online video, she helps you understand how successful marketing works, how to serve your clients with content, where else to market besides social media, and she suggests other ideas, as well. 0:00 - Introduction 0:17 - Tip 1 0:56 - Tip 2 1:40 - Tip 3 2:39 - Tip 4 3:18 - Tip 5 4:20 - Final Thoughts
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Artist Pete Eckert began to lose his sight at age twenty-seven. That’s also the time he began to study photography. In a few years, Eckert would be completely blind, but his photography practice continued, and numerous exhibitions and high-profile assignments later, he is still creating unique and personal images―and we are fortunate to welcome him to the B&H Photography Podcast
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In case you haven’t heard, NFTs have been making money for photographers and, for some of them, a lot of money. This is the kind of thing that generally piques people’s interest, especially in an industry such as photography, where it is hard to make money. In late 2021, when several photographers and former guests of the B&H Photography Podcast began to find success in selling their work as NFTs, I concluded that this was something worth
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Magi Fisher shares her insights on how to deal with some of the business aspects of a photography business. Her unique perspective will give you peace of mind when setting up contracts, insurance, trademarks, and more. Do you run the business side of things in your photo business? Share your experiences in the Comments section.
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How can you go about finding photography work, especially when you're just starting out in photography? Commercial photographer Jennifer Pottheiser shares her tips on finding the photography jobs that fit your passion and goals! Do you have any tips of your own you'd like to share? Post them in the Comments section, below.
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Join professional photographer Chris Burkard as he discusses his photography career, his approach to taking photos, helpful techniques for marketing oneself, and more. Have you run your own photography business, or are you trying to launch one? Leave your questions or detail your experiences in the Comments section and engage with us! Sponsored by Sony
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In part 2 of this three-part series, professional photographer and Sony Artisan of Imagery Tony Gale shares his marketing strategies to get your name out there and increase your potential client base. He covers social media and email marketing, creating your website, networking, and more. Click here to watch The Business of Photography, Part 1: Getting Started. And share with us your takeaways as well as your own tips for
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In this three-part series, Sony Artisan of Imagery Tony Gale lays the foundation for taking your photography from a simple hobby to a serious business. In Part 1, Gale discusses when and how to start a photography business, whether or not specialization is important, what kind of photography may be right for you, and more. Please share some of your own startup stories or ask us questions in the Comments section, below. And click here
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In Part 1 of our chat with Stacey Owen, founder of the creative agency Pepper, she describes evolving her own photo business to build an all-women team dedicated to helping other creative entrepreneurs maximize their strategy and hone their process. We continue our conversation below by pivoting to how Owen and her Pepper team spun the isolation and