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by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted
The holiday season is starting to ramp up, but with Thanksgiving in a few days, things were quiet this week. We still have a couple of announcements worth mentioning, though. Among these is a collaboration between Nomatic and well-known creator Peter McKinnon to develop the stylish LUMA camera bag collection. Also, Atlas Lens Co. fleshes out its
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Nomatic just announced the LUMA Camera Collection, a series of backpacks and slings designed to meet the needs of every photographer. Offering an attractive blend of form and function, this Nomatic x Peter McKinnon collaboration is making its retail debut here at B&H. LUMA Camera Collection The LUMA collection departs from the previous McKinnon collab with new 18L, 12L, and 9L sizes and a variety of refreshing color options. All three bags feature external
by Stepan Andranikian ·Posted
Your gear is worth protecting. Sure, the extra cases and compartments might feel like overkill at times, but don’t you feel better knowing your precious, expensive tools aren’t jostling around in your bag or collecting dust on a shelf? Protection is not only important in case of an accident―it ensures the longevity of your gear. Today, we are spotlighting protective accessories with Ruggard, a brand that spans a wide array of camera bags, cases,
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If you thought the half-life of a modern digital camera was short, you probably don’t pay attention to the ever-changing landscape of the B&H SuperStore shelves when it comes to camera bags. You can’t swing a mirrorless camera around that section of the SuperStore without hitting a brand-new release from many top brands. Camera bag manufacturers are constantly finding new and innovative ways to let you carry and protect
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Join Erika Huse as she packs her filmmaking gear into Nanuk’s 935 Hard Case and N-PVD Backpack, using Nanuk’s N-Cubik ecosystem. With this system, Nanuk's internal organizers and tech pouches integrate with Nanuk’s hard cases and bags seamlessly. 0:00 - Introduction 1:05 - 935 Hard Case 13L, 13M, and
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The ubiquitous shoulder-mounted camera bag is a fantastic camera carrying solution for almost any type of photography—except when it comes to wildlife and nature photography. If you are hiking far from civilization and deep into nature—be it a forest, tundra, mountains, desert, or jungle—you’ll likely bring a dedicated hiking backpack. Luckily for nature photographers, camera bag manufacturers and manufacturers of traditional hiking packs have created
by Rebecca Melville ·Posted
For landscape photographers, having the right equipment is everything. You want gear that is lightweight, rugged, and easy to travel with. Multipurpose gear that has a variety of practical applications when you’re out in the field never hurts either. If you are a landscape photographer or buying a gift for one, we have some great product recommendations for every budget. $5-$50 Gifts 1. Multitools are a photographer’s best friend, especially out in the field. Vello’s
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Grounded in New York City, my “every day” can involve anything from several hours in the office, a film festival, a photo shoot, a boxing class, or even a welding workshop. Like anyone else who carries things, I continue to be in perpetual pursuit of the perfect bag. Fortunately, Peak Design has an array Everyday options to please the pickiest of bag ladies—ahem—me. Read on to find out which option proved most suitable