photo printing

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Screen technology has dramatically changed the everyday consumption and expectations of imagery. Laptops, cell phones, and TVs are all so much better than they were just a few years ago. Instagram, especially, has even given your average user the ability to get a nice-looking image very quickly simply by applying a filter. The technology has also made the idea of making a physical print that matches or exceeds those color profiles much, much more difficult. Taking care and following a few guidelines can help you print your own photos and
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In this B&H Photo Event Space video, photographer Alan Winslow talks about his love of digital printing and digital print media. In addition to discussing his travel and editorial work, Winslow talks about matching photographic images with print media surfaces that complement the mood and texture of the photographic image. Understanding and using ICC color profiles using X-Rite color calibration tools and Ilford print media are also discussed in great detail.