Peak Design

by Staff Writer ·Posted
Peak Design has gotten a lot right with its popular Travel Tripod. What began as a humble Kickstarter campaign quickly blossomed into a carbon fiber miracle that addressed the major pain points for tripod users at the time. Its fast deployment speed and portability are just a few of
by Cory Rice ·Posted
Searching for the right camera bag is a lot like dating in New York. In theory, the possibilities are nearly endless. In practice, the results are often terrible. Occasionally, however, the clouds above the B&H SuperStore part and a bag appears that can pry the jaded veil from this writer’s eyes and set his heart aflame. I first encountered the Peak Design
by Fernando Ferraz ·Posted
Peak Design’s popular Capture Camera Clip continues to be the go-to harness system for professional photographers. The v3 iteration, which is made of weatherproof aluminum, can withstand forces of up to 200 lb. A small clip is used to clamp onto any strap or belt as wide as 2.5", allowing you
by Elizabeth Groeschen ·Posted
Grounded in New York City, my “every day” can involve anything from several hours in the office, a film festival, a photo shoot, a boxing class, or even a welding workshop. Like anyone else who carries things, I continue to be in perpetual pursuit of the perfect bag. Fortunately, Peak Design has an array Everyday options to please the pickiest of bag ladies—ahem—me. Read on to find out which option proved most suitable