Outdoor Bags

by Elizabeth Groeschen ·Posted
Lowepro is aiming for outdoor adventurers and frequent flyers with its release of the Flipside Trek Backpacks and the PhotoStream RL 150 Rolling Case. Starting off with the Flipside Trek series, we have three different sizes for a variety of different users. The smallest is the
by Ryan Zanoni ·Posted
If you had to leave home, work, school, or the gym right now to escape an impending disaster—would you be ready? Would you have the tools, supplies, food, and water that you would need for at least the next three days? Having one or more go bags, a.k.a. “bug-out bags,” stocked with essentials for health and survival is a smart way to be prepared for emergencies. You don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute to gather your flashlight, batteries, and blankets when the hurricane, zombie herd, or army of darkness is closing in. In the
by Daniel Wagner_1 ·Posted
Choosing the best preparedness backpacks can help each member of your family meet unexpected challenges with greater security, confidence, and optimism. Factors such as load capacity, gender, age, and a detailed list of provisions are important considerations. Calling a family meeting to solicit input will go a long way to ensuring that everyone is happy with their backpack selection.   A versatile backpack for the family member capable of carrying the heaviest load is the 90-liter
by Morgan Lyle ·Posted
  The Vanguard brand is well known to photographers and outdoor recreationists for its camera bags, tripods, binoculars, spotting scopes, and riflescopes. Now, the company has launched its Pioneer line of packs and bags, designed specifically for hunters. The Pioneer backpack, sling pack, shoulder bag, and waist pack are made of soft, quiet, water-repellent high-count tricot fabric in Realtree Xtra camo, and come equipped with bright orange rain covers to keep you and your gear dry in wet weather, and can be used to signal Search and Rescue
by Ryan Zanoni ·Posted
Summer is here, so get ready for a photo/video adventure on the beach or in the water, with B&H’s broad array of waterproof camera/smartphone bags, housings, and accessories. Whether you want to catch some rays, ride the waves, explore beneath the surface, or enjoy a scenic boat ride, these enclosures keep your camera or mobile device protected from the water while you’re having fun. Accessories such as color-correction filters and add-on conversion lenses help you enhance your images with ease. If you’re planning an expensive vacation,
by Max Waldroop ·Posted
The Apple MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro line of laptop computers are so beautifully designed, finding a way to protect them without compromising their sleek aluminum lines can be quite the challenge. Moshi aims to remedy this with a bevy of new cases, sleeves, and bags that any MacBook owner would be proud to wear. To keep your MacBook’s finish immaculate, the