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by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 04/26/2023
Our sun, the star at the center of our Solar System, is a fantastic subject for both viewing and photographing and humans have been viewing it since the beginning of time. A special form of solar viewing is the solar eclipse. There are few experiences in nature as awe inspiring as an eclipse—solar or lunar—when the Earth, sun, and moon align. If you want to observe and study the sun, B&H has what you need to do it safely and do it
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 10/05/2021
If you are a photographer who goes way off the beaten path for multi-day treks, Lowepro has just released the pinnacle of its PhotoSport backpack line―introducing the PhotoSport Pro 55L AW III and the larger PhotoSport Pro 70L AW III with compatible GearUp Pro II camera box inserts.
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 08/17/2020
Newly and proudly added to the ever-expanding inventory at B&H, Segway’s protean lineup of electric scooters and accessories is sure to provide a personal transportation solution for every commuter. Trying to avoid the subway and bus on your way to work? Prefer to dash over to your favorite meeting place while getting some sun and still saving time? There’s a Segway e-scooter for you. For travelers on a tight budget, Segway offers the
by Morgan Lyle ·Posted 03/16/2020
Clear and bright views, comfortable design, and sleek style make the Zeiss Terra ED series of binoculars a great choice for birding, travel and summer adventures. The Terra 8x42 and 10x42 models boast a
by Morgan Lyle ·Posted 03/16/2020
This summer, you can scout your game lands and learn the habits of your local wildlife with a line of new trail cameras from Browning. All shoot photos with up to 20MP resolution and capture 1080p video with sound when triggered by motion as far as 80 feet away. All use infrared flash at night, so as not to spook game. The
by Morgan Lyle ·Posted 12/18/2019
Time was, the smallest flashlight you could get was a penlight. It had an incandescent bulb that was dim by today’s standards and required disposable batteries. You can still get penlights today—many people like having a slim light with a clip that slips easily into a shirt pocket—and they’ve come a long way, with bright, long-lasting LEDs having replaced the bulbs and rechargeable batteries that never need to be replaced. But these days, there are many
by Morgan Lyle ·Posted 12/18/2019
You don’t have to be a hunter to have fun with a trail camera. Monitoring your property with one (or a few) of these handy little gadgets is a fascinating hobby for birders, wildlife enthusiasts, kids, or just folk who enjoy being surprised at what goes on in their backyard after dark. Also known as a trap, game, or wildlife camera, a trail camera is equipped with a passive infrared motion detector that triggers the shutter when an animal (or trespasser) walks into
by Morgan Lyle ·Posted 12/11/2019
Portable electric and electronic devices enhance our work and play, but only when there’s electricity to power them. There’s a wide range of equipment designed to store power, or to convert solar energy into electricity, to extend the time we can spend un-plugged-in. Whether it’s an extra charge or two for your smartphone, a boost for a navigator in the back country, or portable power stations that permit the use of household appliances and tools during blackouts, B&H has the gear you need. Here are few examples of modern technology
by Christopher Witt ·Posted 12/11/2019
In today’s world of keyless… well, everything, the ubiquitous keychain seems like it’s becoming something of a dinosaur. But I disagree. I don’t think we’re that close to getting rid of the keychain just yet, and so I present some gear that will make you more than a little reluctant to give it up if and when you can lock your house, get into your car, and start the engine with your smartphone. Flashlights There was a time, not that long ago, that keychain lights were barely useful. They had dim incandescent light bulbs that often broke, and
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 05/06/2019
Fluidity is the key to my everyday carry (EDC). Besides my day job as a writer and photographer here at B&H Photo Video, I also teach sailing on the Hudson River, do freelance commercial architectural photography, teach college photography, commute to Manhattan from Brooklyn by bicycle, and ride commuter trains to Rhode Island on weekends. While my bicycle pannier has its own EDC items (bicycle multi-tool, air pump, patch kit, first aid kit, etc.) and my life jacket has its own gear (knife, whistle, signal mirror), I carry a core EDC kit
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 05/06/2019
Regardless of your occupation or location, the things in your everyday carry (EDC) kit will often be essential to get you through the day. I have several pseudo-EDC kits in my life. I have a kit in the car, one on the boat, one in my bike pannier and, when on foot, a few items that make me feel unbalanced in their absence. Most EDC kits comprise what some consider essential gear, but if you are looking to add to your EDC, check out this list of suggested gear. 1.
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 05/05/2019
Starting Monday, May 6, B&H will begin our week-long coverage of everyday carry (EDC) gear. More than just the contents of your pack or purse, EDC items are the essential tools that get you through your day. Whether it’s the noise-canceling headphones that help you survive your subway commute or the do-everything smartphone that assists you in more ways you can count, if it’s something you carry with you all the time, we’re gonna discuss it (and maybe throw in a couple of recommendations along the way). We’ll also be checking out EDC kits
by Christopher Witt ·Posted 02/05/2019
Spoiler: It’s REALLY BRIGHT! I wait at a stop light and feel my truck rock side to side as it’s buffeted by a gust of wind coming off the water of Oyster Bay Harbor. Glancing down at my dash, I read the temperature display: 33° F. Without the wind chill. I stare at it and question my intelligence. When I get to the Center Island Causeway on the shore of the Long Island Sound I know that, with wind, it’ll feel like it’s in the low 20-degree range. They say that misery loves company, but I still felt a twinge of guilt knowing that I convinced my
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 01/25/2019
Adventure Week is back! This time, we're heading out into the cold for some wintry excitement. Starting Monday, January 28th, join us as we ski, snowboard, and snap a polar-bear pic or two. Each day, we'll be highlighting a different adventure, providing details on how we did it, the gear we used, and showcasing all the exciting footage we captured along the way. We'll also be publishing plenty of reviews, buying guides, and tips and tricks to help you embark on an adventure
by Christopher Witt ·Posted 12/04/2018
From personal experience, whenever I try to describe to someone who’s never seen what the rings of Saturn look like through a telescope or how a sunspot moves and changes shape as it transits the chromosphere over the course of weekend, there is definitely something lost in the telling. Wouldn’t it be great if even a novice astronomer with just some basic gear and knowledge could capture their own images of heavenly bodies to post on social media or (to go old-school) print them and hang on a wall? Well, wish no more, dear reader! We live in