Online Security

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More than 85% of images uploaded to the Internet are used without permission or license, so image theft has become a problem that affects all photographers. In this informative talk, Kain Jones aims to offer useful advice and solutions that every photographer can use to protect their photos online. The workshop will cover all the dos and don’ts of posting your work online. Photographers learn about common and best practices for image protection, including advice on techniques such as using watermarks, digital signatures, and active monitoring
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When scrolling through websites, have you noticed anything different in your browser lately? If not, then log on to Google Chrome and direct your attention to the upper left-hand corner of the address bar. There you will learn if the site you are visiting is “Secure” (using the prefix HTTPS, for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) or “Not Secure” (using the prefix HTTP, for Hypertext Transfer Protocol). The effort to create a secure online experience is nothing new. In fact, security was a concern long before the Internet became available to