On Camera Monitors

by Mary Latvis ·Posted 11/01/2023
Add high-quality wireless video transmission to your production with Hollyland’s new Mars M1 Enhanced 5.5" Wireless Transceiver Monitor or set of two monitors. This versatile all-in-one unit can be used as a transmitter or receiver and is compatible with Mars 4K, 300 Pro
by Stepan Andranikian ·Posted 08/15/2023
The monitoring process is a crucial element of any production―it offers directors and cinematographers a glimpse of what the end product will look like and allows them to make necessary adjustments efficiently and effectively. Without proper monitoring, frame composition will suffer, and mistakes made in the filming process will be more prevalent during post-production. It isn’t uncommon for inexperienced filmmakers to fall short of providing themselves with adequate monitoring solutions during the filmmaking process. Be it from budgetary
by Jordan Gallant ·Posted 09/09/2022
Hollyland is taking modular transmission system configurations to a whole new level with its newest additions to the Mars product line: the Mars M1 and the Mars 4K. The Mars M1 is an ultra-flexible transceiver monitor that can be utilized as a wireless transmitter, wireless receiver, or as an on-set monitoring screen. The Mars 4K Wireless Video
by Mary Latvis ·Posted 06/21/2022
B&H is pleased to announce not just one, but two new wireless video monitors from Vaxis: the Atom A5 and the Storm CINE 8.  Aimed at indie productions and solo content creators, the versatile 5.5" Atom A5 monitor has a built-in capability to function as either a wireless
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 03/24/2020
Entry level, starter kit, beginner. The words evoke the idea of something inexpensive that you start with and grow out of quickly. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When I’m looking at an accessory, I look for what I need now, and what I may need a couple of years from now. I’m looking for room to grow, because what is the point of getting something now, if I’m going to have to pay more to buy a new version next year? Audio A good mic is important, especially when you are doing everything yourself without a sound recordist. The
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 04/07/2018
Here at B&H Photo, we are pleased to share news of SmallHD's new 5" OLED FOCUS On-Camera monitor and the SDI version of the IPS LCD 5" FOCUS Monitor, along with new kits for both new monitors and the original
by David Adler ·Posted 08/22/2016
Our SuperStore now proudly carries Bon professional production monitors. Built for on-set life, Bon monitors sport sturdy metal housings, versatile input options, and screen sizes ranging from 5" all the way to 55". Need a monitor for on-camera field work? How about broadcast studio monitoring? Chances are there’s a Bon monitor to fit your needs.
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 03/21/2016
Atomos announces two 7" on-camera monitors/recorders that feature HDR, 10-bit panels, and 1500 nit brightness: the Shogun Flame and Ninja Flame. Improving on the field-tested Shogun and Ninja Assassin, while retaining their familiar form factor, interface, and recording capabilities, the
by Justin Dise ·Posted 12/28/2015
Since its introduction at the tail end of 2012, the SmallHD AC7 OLED monitor has become a perennial favorite among many directors, cinematographers, and camera assistants, due to its sleek design, durability, and well-regarded focus-assist features. Perhaps the most notable feature is its 7.7", 1280 x 800 8-bit OLED panel that delivers true blacks and a wide color gamut, resulting in more natural-looking images than traditional LCD panels. In fact, the AC7 was one of
by Rebecca Melville ·Posted 01/16/2023
Even the most attentive creator can miss a mistake when reviewing footage on a tiny LCD screen, which is why an external camera screen (also known as an on camera monitor) is such a vital addition to any serious creator's gear pack. These screens come in many forms and are increasingly decked out with luxe features to make shooting more enjoyable. If you are in the market for an external camera screen, we have compiled some helpful information to keep in mind as