Night Photography

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Watch as professional cityscape and landscape photographer Jennifer Khordi breaks down her process of planning and shooting the Milky Way and the Moon over New York City. Khordi demonstrates how she plans her shots using PhotoPills and shares her favorite photos. 0:00 - Introduction 0:40 - Gear for Photographing the Milky Way 1:02 - Imagine, Plan, Shoot 3:28 - Composition: Know Your Subject 5:45 - Photos of the Milky Way at Different Times 7:55 - Using the Photopills App and Light Pollution 15:20 - Blended Photos of Blue Hour 23:12 - Gear for
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Photographer Imma Barrera has spent many nights under the sky, capturing its beauty in order to to raise awareness about protecting the night sky from light pollution. Watch as Barrera discusses photographing nightscapes throughout the National Park System, and learn about her planning, camera settings, and the gear she uses to get the perfect night sky shot.  0:00 - Introduction and About Imma 5:23 - Agenda 6:50 - Under the Night Sky Project 13:11 - Milky Way 22:06 - Gear 26:36 - Settings to Capture the Night Sky 28:42 - Star Trails 31:21 -
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Interested in photographing the stars at night but not sure where to start? During this class, professional photographer Alison Carlino discusses the gear needed, how to plan for night sky adventures, how to focus in the darkness, the basics of how to light-paint objects, and how to capture star trails for the purpose of compositing in StarStaX. She also reviews realistic post-processing of the images in Lightroom. 0:00 - Introduction 6:13 - About Alison 8:56 - In This Presentation 9:37 - Gear 14:35 - Planning 20:37 - How to Focus in the Dark
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On this week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we continue our coverage of the 2022 OPTIC Conference with two highly invigorating segments about exploring the world after dark. Above photograph © Susan Magnano Our first guest is
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A few years ago, I published the groundbreaking article 8 Mistakes I Have Made in Photography and How You Can Avoid Them—a mea culpa that exposed me to endless ridicule around the halls of B&H. Well, I am back with another confessional—this time focusing on mistakes I have made in the dark while engaged in night photography. Although I made some of those
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Trying to photograph the night sky but light pollution is getting in the way? Landscape and astrophotographer Jess Santos shares her knowledge regarding light pollution and how to combat it when you’re taking nightscape images. Watch and learn to understand the Bortle Scale, how to find locations, what filters to use, and more. Where do you want to take night landscape photos? Let us know in the Comments section, below! 
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Learn everything you need to know about photographing the Aurora Borealis (Northen Lights) with David Swindler! From in-the-field workflow to camera gear and settings selection, you'll be prepared for capturing this beautiful natural phenomenon! Tell us about your tips for photographing the Northern Lights, in the Comments section.
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Curious about how to get started in night photography? From landscapes to cityscapes, Gabriel Biderman of National Parks at Night offers a beginner’s guide on how to take photos at night. Have you photographed at night? What sort of experiences have you had? Tell us!
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Winter adventure photography calls for a great deal of preparation beforehand so you can focus on photographing the beautiful landscapes. Join us as Sony Alpha Collective member Rachel Jones Ross discusses how to protect your photography gear and yourself in sub-zero temperatures, in several feet of snow, and on icy lakes. What are your own tips for photographing in extreme cold? Share them in the Comments section.
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Want to photograph the night sky and nebulae, but not sure where to start? This is your all-in-one guide to nightscapes and deep-sky photography. Ian Lauer shares beginner, intermediate, and advanced astrophotography tips and setups. What are your questions about photographing outer space? Ask away in the Comments section.
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Have you ever wondered how to get started in deep-sky astrophotography? Brian Fulda shares his astrophotography tips for photographing deep space, on topics such as beginner mistakes, astrophotography equipment, and thorough planning. What are your tips for photographing the night sky? Share them with us in the Comments section.
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Our guest on this week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast is physician and astrophotographer Robert Gendler. The distinguished assignments, numerous international accolades, and his five published books are an indication of the significance of the work of this self-described amateur. His mosaic of the Andromeda Galaxy has been used to create 3D IMAX films and is
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The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, is unlike any other night photography subject. In this B&H online video, Autumn Schrock offers you pro tips on how to predict, capture, and edit this otherworldly night sky phenomenon. Have you been far enough north to capture the Aurora Borealis on camera? What are your tips for photographing this beautiful amalgam of physics and nature? Post them in the Comments section.
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Travel photographer Susan Magnano shares five photography tips for light painting. Learn the basics of this technique, from choosing gear to how camera settings affect your image, and you will be able to enhance your nightscape images and capture creative portraits! For more night photography-related tips and content, turn to Explora's Night Photography site. What are your favorite light painting tips and techniques? We encourage you to share them with us in the Comments
by Jess Santos ·Posted 08/13/2021
Thinking back to my first time photographing the stars, let’s be real: I had no idea what I was doing. I spent the afternoon watching video after video, and after several hours felt confident enough to attempt it. Now keep in mind I had done the research on settings, but completely skipped over the planning phase. I didn’t run into one video that talked about things like the moon phase or dark skies, some pretty important information to know when getting into astrophotography. Nonetheless, a couple friends and I headed out at eleven o’ clock