NAS Enclosure

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Let's talk NAS (Network Attached Storage)! In this webinar, Chris Fry of Synology and Murray Wais of Matchstick Productions discuss the benefits of Synology's NAS, which is perfect for photo and video production teams looking to streamline their file management. 0:00 - Introduction 1:08 - Today's Speakers & About Synology 4:08 - Downsides of Hard Drive & Cloud Storage 7:38 - What is NAS? 8:56 - Benefit 1 (Centralized Storage) 18:34 - Benefit 2 (Remote Sharing) 34:18 - Benefit 3 (Backup & Recovery) 43:34 - Q&A 57:14 - Final
by Steven Wong ·Posted 03/20/2023
Between high-resolution video clips, B-roll, music, effects, and more, it’s clear that you can never have enough storage when creating professional-grade video content. For instance, one hour of 8K REDCODE RAW 75 footage takes up about 7.29TB, which amounts to 121.5GB per minute, and storage requirements are bound to grow as we move toward 12K or higher resolutions. Even working at 4K resolution can amount to around 741.6GB for an hour of RAW BMPC 24 footage. So, whether you prefer to shoot in compressed or uncompressed formats, it’s safe to
by John-Paul Pale… ·Posted 10/10/2018
With storage needs constantly evolving and rapidly growing, Seagate is keeping pace and has just added a 14TB drive to its lineup of IronWolf and IronWolf Pro hard drives, both of which are designed for use in NAS arrays. Not sure which one would be a better fit for your needs? Let’s take a closer look at each drive and what each has to offer. The Seagate 14TB IronWolf 3.5" HDD is designed for use within 1-8 bay NAS environments
by John-Paul Pale… ·Posted 07/20/2018
QNAP, a leading producer of NAS enclosures, has released several new products, all of which feature 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for use in data centers, virtualization environments, AI-oriented big data storage centers, and small- to medium-sized businesses that are looking to embrace technology to fit future data storage requirements. Which of these may be best suited for your needs? Read on to find out. Designed for businesses that need higher bandwidth for data centers and virtualization, QNAP offers the
by John-Paul Pale… ·Posted 01/09/2018
Making the rounds at CES 2018 are QNAP's TS-677, TS-877, and TS-1277 NAS Enclosures. Created for tasks such as improved video and virtual machine performance, this NAS series features integrated hardware and multi-tasking software for tackling resource-demanding applications and tasks, such as virtualization and 4K processing. The QNAP TS-677 6-Bay NAS Enclosure comes equipped with four 3.5/2.5" drive bays for data storage and
by John-Paul Pale… ·Posted 02/24/2017
At its most basic, a Network Attached Storage device (NAS) is a single or multi-bay system that can share files among multiple systems, whether over a wired or wireless network connection. While most NAS devices are used largely for storage and sharing files, their capabilities stretch far beyond. A NAS may also be used as a multimedia server via UPnP and DLNA protocols to share and stream audio, video, and photos to gaming consoles, tablets, phones, and other computers, as well as be configured as FTP, web, email, surveillance, and print