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Which one of these synthesizers is right for you? Gabriel Richards discusses their specs and demonstrates Arturia’s MiniFreak 6-Voice Spontaneous Algorithmic Synthesizer and Arturia’s Pigments 4 Polychrome Software Synthesizer. 0:00 - Introduction 1:07 - Minifuse 4 and Minilab 3 1:28 - MiniFreak Demo 3:27 - MiniFreak Key Specs 4:28 - Synth Engines 7:43 - Modulation Matrix 9:14 - Analog Filter and Envelope Generators 10:48 - Custom LFO Shapes 11:17 - Digital Effects
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Gabriel Richards tests the ExpressiveE Osmose Synthesizer and MPE Controller, a 24-voice polyphonic synthesizer with an innovative way to control sound using gestures. This unit blends tradition and innovation, allowing you to unleash your creativity. Does this technology interest you? 0:00 - Main Specs 0:43 - In Use 3:03 - Physical Specs 5:18 - Interface (Menus and Presets) 13:49 - MPE Controller 15:44 - Is This for You
by Howard Gotfryd ·Posted 07/13/2021
For me, playing guitar has always been a way to share an afternoon or evening with others, expressly devoid of politics or religion, conversational topics I avoid for political and religious reasons. Music is a common language that is its own form of communication, so in the spring of 2001, I joined an online discussion forum, sponsored by an industry magazine. I was thrilled by the idea of engaging with like-minded musicians who would be only too happy to discuss music, guitars, gear (“What strings should I use?”), songwriting, technique,
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So, you want to try your hand at playing the piano? Maybe you’re spending every waking and unconscious moment indoors (thanks, 2020) and you need a new hobby, perhaps you find yourself drawn to writing and performing your own songs, or it could be that you know a little one who has expressed interest in becoming the next Mozart and could use a strong start. Whichever the case, an aspiring player won’t get far without a keyboard of their own. So, whether it’s a small and portable keyboard that would be best or only a full-size model that feels
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Leave it to Moog to make esoteric electronic musical instruments that are bound to intrigue anyone from the synth-curious musician to the avid collector. The company's latest releases feature the limited-run return of the Werkstatt-01 analog synth kit and the Claravox Centennial premium performance theremin, available in standard
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If you are a singer/songwriter/musician who has been itching to get back out in public to perform in the warm weather, the most flexible solution for busking in public spaces is a battery-powered guitar amplifier that will provide hours of dependable play time and can handle the kind of punishment the street can dish out. Bringing your words and music to your town’s culture-craving citizens could be just the ticket, not only for expanding your songwriting and performing
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In this Best of NAMM 2020 rundown, AB shows you gear and instruments that every musician should be excited about, from Akai, Korg, Zoom, and others.   More about NAMM 2020 audio: B&H Explora
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Lugging around one VOX amp, much less eleven, would be a hellish enterprise for guitar players in the olden days. So it’s a good thing VOX is releasing the Cambridge 50, a tube-powered modeling amp that gives you eleven classic VOX tones in a single combo-amp housing—a housing that weighs fewer than 20 lb! Combine this relatively lightweight VOX Cambridge 50 with the company’s
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So, your dad plays guitar. Also, it’s time to get him a gift. Don’t let these things be mutually exclusive! Get him a pedal he’ll love, or a tool he needs. Read on for some guitaristic ideas for your axe-swinging dad. 1. The Electro-Harmonix MEL9 Buy dad the MEL9 Pedal for two reasons. First, Electro-Harmonix is a wonderful manufacturer of guitar pedals, and these days they’ve been issuing incredible new designs as well as updates to
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Did you know B&H sells musical instruments? Well, now you do! Check out this video, as AB tells us all about 10 different instruments B&H has available for sale. Of course, B&H’s inventory includes staples such as guitars, but this video delves into some weirder or less common musical devices that might inspire your next track. We have plenty of other videos that aren’t solely photo focused, right here, at
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VOX gives good tone—and that's not just us talking. Everyone from the Beatles to Radiohead has enjoyed the classic, chime-like tones of VOX amplification. Now, VOX has released three new amplifiers that we here at B&H are only too happy to stock. For those who want to investigate VOX's take on the digital modeling amplifier, we recommend the VX15 GT and the
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Meet Juan Bohorquez, a Web Merchandizer at B&H, who also happens to be a talented recording engineer and guitarist. Although creating music has always been his passion, Juan took things a step further, in 2018, when he built his own signature guitar—from scratch. Take a gander at the video to see and hear this beautiful instrument in action, and to find out more about Juan's incredible story. We hope you find some inspiration herein, and invite you to see more of the wide selection of
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As a member of the legendary funk group Cameo, Greg Johnson knows just about all there is to know about pro audio equipment. His deep knowledge base—gleaned from years and years of real-world experience—make Johnson an invaluable member of the Web Content Pro Audio team. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at To read more about B&H employees who are involved in creative endeavors, just click over to