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Anyone paying attention to the pro audio world probably knows that since April 2022, Avid has stopped offering new perpetual license purchases for its Pro Tools products and has moved into a fully subscription-based business model. But fear not! B&H still has perpetual licenses in stock, and now is the time to grab one if the perpetual model is a better fit for you. Get them while they’re hot, because stock will not last forever, and when they’re gone, they’ll be gone for good. So, why buy a
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Is audio mixing not your strong suit? Then this video is for you. The team behind Audio Design Desk demonstrates how the Audio Bridge integrates with Final Cut Pro, allowing you to sync, edit, mix, and export all the sound for your video. 0:00 - Introduction 2:35 - How Audio Design Desk Works in Final Cut Pro 13:10 - Using Audio Design Desk for Films 19:53 - Adding Foley 27:10 - Adding and Mixing Music 32:00 - Exporting 34:05 - The Audio Design Desk Interface 41:12 - Audio Design Desk Plans 45:44 - Final Thoughts Ready to mix audio like a pro