by Jordan Gallant ·Posted
Expanding upon the improvements of its predecessor, the ULTRA 7 Touchscreen Monitor from SmallHD takes the ultra-bright characteristics of the ULTRA 5 and its updated PageOS 5 user interface and places it in a 7" form factor. You can even purchase bundles equipped with integrated Teradek Bolt 6 transmitters and Gold or V-mount battery plates, depending on the needs of your production.
by Mary Latvis ·Posted
Add high-quality wireless video transmission to your production with Hollyland’s new Mars M1 Enhanced 5.5" Wireless Transceiver Monitor or set of two monitors. This versatile all-in-one unit can be used as a transmitter or receiver and is compatible with Mars 4K, 300 Pro
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted
It’s NAMM 2020, and renowned manufacturer Mackie is up to some new tricks, this time giving us a whole studio’s worth of gear, dropping at one convention. Revamping its CR series of monitors—and adding more microphones and headphones into the mix—2020 looks to be a bright year for the company. Let us enumerate exactly how. First on the block are the new entrants in the CR series. As you can see from the picture, which will surely be reproduced below (or above), these CR monitors—
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No matter what area of audio production you work in, you’re constantly listening. Loud and proud or whisper quiet, through headphones or speakers, in your studio or on the road, you’re constantly listening. And naturally, you need to hear your productions through various transducers to accurately assess how they translate. What you don’t want is to be relegated to a life of vibe-killing, time-wasting repatching—you know, power-down those speakers, unplug them, plug in the other speakers, power them on, etc.—or adjust your DAW’s master fader to
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Perhaps you started with a small, self-contained PA and need better quality with greater output. Or perhaps your audience has grown and you are looking to add to your setup, or you need better coverage and more control. Maybe you started with an inexpensive analog mixer and are looking to make the jump to a digital board. If you have made an initial investment into a sound system and are looking to make some upgrades, here’s a short list of ideas that might be worth investigating. Mixers If you are thinking about upgrading your analog console