Mobile Phone Applications

by Cortney Moore ·Posted 04/09/2019
Now that it has been ten years since the first Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S10, of course, had to be something special for such a monumental occasion. As such, this latest addition is hitting the masses with new features, updates, and improvements. Even more exciting, this line will touch retail shelves with three different models, which includes the standard S10, an entry-level
by Bjorn Petersen ·Posted 12/04/2017
Nikon is making wireless connectivity with its cameras easier and more functional with the release of SnapBridge Version 2.0, now available for iOS and Android mobile devices. Taking user feedback from the first iteration of SnapBridge, Nikon has made many asked-for improvements to the app, beginning with a user interface and menu structure overhaul, as well as clearer instructions on how to connect your mobile device to a Nikon camera for the first time. For the Nikon fanatic, SnapBridge now lets you register up to five separate cameras with
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 10/03/2017
The iPhone camera is a simple point-and-shoot photographic tool, right? Yes, it is, but, even using the basic iPhone camera app, the photographer has many different options for capturing the best possible image. Here we will give you a quick-and-dirty guide to getting intimate with your iPhone’s camera. 1. There are many ways to activate the iPhone camera. The most basic: Click on the Camera icon. Extra fun. Press-and-hold on the Camera icon and you will get a shortcut menu to Take Selfie, Record Video, Record Slo-mo, or Take Photo.