Mirrorless Cameras

by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 11/17/2014
The premise of the camera is simple: it's a box that allows a measured amount of light into it in order to create an image on a photo-sensitive material. Stroll through the B&H Photo SuperStore and you'll see there are literally thousands of different interpretations of how to best do this. Cameras of all shapes, sizes, and colors are on the shelves—all of them begging to be held and used to make photographs.   The camera, one of the world's ultimate gadgets, has an appeal that transcends a great cross section of the human race. Artists,
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Join us in the mountains of Utah as we share some techniques for improving your framing and adding depth to your landscape photos. 0:00 - Introduction 0:17 - Framing 1:18 - Composition 1:38 - Perspective & Angles 2:05 - Lens Selection 2:40 - Depth
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Humans and pets have shared a deep bond for centuries, yet our animal companions are now considered more a part of the family than ever. So, it’s no surprise that pet photography is a blossoming niche, and a perfect subject for this week’s podcast—especially since it’s National Pet Month! Above photograph © Nancy Borowick We start by chatting with pet photographer Karen Hoglund, who alerted us to her work in response to Allan’s musing about using the hashtag “kittens” to generate traffic on social media. After noting that #kittens only yields
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The FUJIFILM X-S20 was designed for hybrid content creators looking for a feature-packed camera they can take anywhere. Building on the earlier X-S10, the X-S20 upgrades to an X-Processor 5 for faster, more reliable performance, improves in-camera stabilization for cleaner footage, introduces a Vlog Mode for simple recording, and adds a deeper grip for easier handheld use. Perfect for vlogging, travel, or
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Canon rounded out its R-series lineup this week with the announcement of the R100 Mirrorless Camera and new RF 28mm f/2.8 STM pancake lens. The R100 is Canon’s smallest and lightest mirrorless camera yet and is the brand’s most entry-level mirrorless camera. It’s the perfect option for anyone just getting into digital photography or trying to move beyond their smartphone. 
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Nikon Ambassador Jerry Ghionis and wedding videographer Sharrone Calafiore are on set to demonstrate how Nikon's Z8 Mirrorless Camera is perfect for capturing weddings. 0:00 - Introduction 0:18 - Ghionis’s and Calafiore’s Experience 3:56 - Final Thoughts Does the Nikon Z8 spark your interest? What about it appeals to you? Speak to us in the Comments section, below.
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Understanding the nuances of different types of available light will help you take better landscape photos. Matt Zefi offers some tips on searching for light and creating photos depending on the time of day and weather. 0:00 - Overview 0:27 - When Does the Best Lighting Occur? 1:07 - Lighting Types & Composition 3:05 - Tips: How to Look for Light Which conditions do you prefer: golden hour, an overcast day, or hard sunlight? Let us know in the Comments section, below.
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To those who have been waiting for the release of the Panasonic Lumix S5 IIX, your patience has paid off—it's finally here. Panasonic made waves earlier this year with the announcement of its second-generation, full-frame cameras: the Lumix S5 II and
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In this video, FUJIFILM X Creator Shotti NYC shows you how to make your portraiture pop by incorporating vibrant and striking color with gels and backdrops. 0:00 - Introduction 0:33 - Photoshoot 5:29 - Final Thoughts Ready to experiment with bold, new colors in your photography? Drop us a line in the Comments section, below. Sponsored by
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Are you looking for ways to transform your images using ordinary items? We’ve got you covered. In this video, FUJIFILM X Creator Shotti NYC uses objects from around his studio to frame his subject and create a DIY light modifier. 0:00 - Introduction 0:25 - Setup 1 1:53 - Setup 2 3:58 - Setup 3 5:27 - Setup 4 6:22 - Final Thoughts What items around your home do you think would make good portrait props? Tell us about them in the Comments section, below. Sponsored by
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Sam Hurd and Dixie Dixon may target different photo markets, yet they both prioritize craft and emphasize a human connection to their subjects. In this week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we get the lowdown on their respective careers in wedding photography and fashion/lifestyle assignment work as part of our coverage of B&H’s 2023 Depth of Field
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Being prepared is crucial when photographing a concert. In this video, Gabriela Gabrielaa offers her tips on what you need to do to get the perfect concert shot. She explains what to research before attending a show, what gear to choose, and shares other helpful suggestions. 0:00 - Introduction 0:18 - Research 1:11 - Lenses 2:27 - Accessories 2:57 - Clothing 3:29 - Quickly Editing 4:20 - Bonus Tip What do you do to prepare to photograph a concert? Let us know in the Comments section, below.
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Throughout his career, photographer David Zimand has been drawn to capturing people’s faces, especially their eyes. After a recent motorcycle accident, however, Zimand has used street portraiture as a kind of physical therapy for his brain. Join us as Zimand shares his journey through photography. 0:00 - The Accident 6:32 - Portraiture 16:39 - Street Portraiture 24:16 - Love and Happiness 27:03 - Q&A What drew you to portrait photography? Let us know in the Comments section, below.
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Join FUJIFILM X Creator Shotti NYC in his studio as he shares his techniques for capturing and accentuating unique facial structures. You'll learn how to create depth with light and shadow, where to position your lights in relation to your subject, and other useful tips. 0:00 - Introduction 0:29 - Photo Shoot 8:10 - Summing It All Up 8:34 - Final Thoughts Do you have any lighting tips to share? Please do so in the Comments section, below. Sponsored by
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The Leica M11 Monochrom weds timeless style with one of the most unique digital sensor designs in the world. Built around a 60MP monochrome BSI CMOS sensor, the latest iteration of Leica’s Monochrom line produces striking black-and-white stills with incredible detail and dynamic range. Housed in an M11’s body, dipped in black paint, this chic camera continues Leica’s digital twist on the storied tradition of black-and-white photography